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This is the painting behind the couch in Father and Mother Yule's parlor, in .

Wassail, at Home with Father and Mother Yule.


Just wanted to see something more Wintry and Christmasy, as the snow melts outside.
Father Christmas and Mother Yule must be on their way.

Hope the Beavers have their supplies in. 


At a dinner with C.S. Lewis, Joy, and other friends, Dorothy L. Sayer asked where Mr. and Mrs. Beaver got their groceries,
if The White Witch had made it "Winter, but not Christmas" for all those years. 

Reportedly, the answer was "magic". 


Some filter layers, snow, cropping, and lighting have been done to the original stock, which is already a great photograph.


Lead Me To Narnia, by feainne-stock

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