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Pax Vobiscum


Pax Vobiscum

As the song says, it’d be nice to rest in the arms of an angel,

Especially when the wolves are howling and circling,

And, with the wind blowing, and ice pellets pinging against the window...


This was made for Angel Contest (2 Weeks left), hosted by Spicy-Manips

:iconspicy-manips:  Now for All Media

Contest: Any Angel: nude, dark, light, or otherwise

Due Date: April 30th, 2018


Thanks to all the Stock Artists.



Reclining Nude Pack 2, by lockstock

Nude stock 3, by AnnieSue-stock

Dual Wings White - Med. PNG, by Thy-Darkest-Hour

Swan wings open - Stock, by Sassy-Stock

03. bedroom, by jessmarie-stock

Bedside Table wth Lamp png stock, by Mom-EsPeace

Book by cindysart-stock, by CindysArt-Stock

Book 7 -Stock, by Inadesign-Stock

Throw Pillow Png Stock (updated), by Mom-EsPeace

Red Pillow 2, by Stars-Sudio

Heart Pillow (updated) png stock, by Mom-EsPeace

Pillow Stock - Cut out., by Meta-Stock

Red Pillow 2, by Stars-Sudio

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Cloud/Fog, by Moonglowlilly

Texture 257, by Malleni-Stock

Texture 260, by Malleni-Stock

Golden Flower-Frame, by YBsilon-Stock

lamp png, by camelfobia

lantern png, by camelfobia

Starfield Stock, by dadrian

Snow PNG, by Lora-Vysotskaya

Cat Stock 39, by Malleni-Stock


Framed Print:

When The Time is Ripe, by Can-Cat

For the TALKING ABOUT TIME Contest., hosted by Art-Revival [Sept., 2017]




Rock and fields, by feainne-stock

Gleaners and Gatherers:

Medieval Festival 2, by Eirian-stock

Girl With A Pail, by Eirian-stock

Wolves of Faravid II, by Eirian-stock

Vendor And Customers, by Eirian-stock

Medieval Festival 73, by Eirian-stock

Wind Turbines:

Wind Turbines, by EveLivesey

2014.10.03 | Wind turbines, by Stock-Stock-Stock

Wind Turbine, by Nakeithia

Solar Panels, PV Collectors: 

Polycrystaline Photovoltaic 2 and Polycrystaline Photovoltaic, by Californianinja

Solar Boilers: Solar Water Heating Reference: (SWH)


Sunflower, by margarita-morrigan

Stock- Yellow Sunflower petals, by SeaSpryte-stock

Sunflower PNG, by PiXasso79-Stock

Sunflower, by nighthawk101stock


Old Clock Face png, by TinaLouiseUk

Clock by YBsilon-Stock, by YBsilon-Stock

Clock Face, by TinaLouiseUk

Mantle Clock PNG STOCK, by KarahRobinson-Art

Clock PNG, by Jean52


Flying Birds PNG, by EveLivesey

Flock of Birds Flying Away in Distance PNG Stock, by annamae22

wild geese flying - goose - stock 1, by AStoKo

wild geese flying - goose - stock 3, by AStoKo

Black Capped Chickadee PNG, by artbykristian

Cut-out stock PNG 47 - blue titmouse, by Momotte2stocks

Cut-out stock PNG 28 - flying eagle, by Momotte2stocks

Backgrounds and Other Resources:

Hedge PNG, by Jean52

Balancing Act, by Eirian-stock

Daisies, by Eirian-stock

Jester, by Eirian-stock

Cloture en rondin, by Jean52

Textures, from TheFantaSim, for Les Soeurs Pirate, for the Sibling Portrait Challenge, hosted by ManipulateThis. ]



Autodesk-Sketchbook Pro and 7

PSE10- Photoshop Elements 10


Asus EP121B Eee Slate

Wacom Tablet



Seeing that it was an Angel, Gideon exclaimed, ‘I have seen an Angel face to face.’ 

And, was answered, ‘Pax Vobiscum, Peace be with you- do not fear; you shall not die.’

-Judges 6:23


"Pax Vobis" (Peace to You), or "Pax Vobiscum", (Peace be with you), are Latin salutations used in Christian liturgy.


 "Pax Vobis" ("Peace be with you") occurs several times throughout the Bible, as in  Luke 24:36John 20:21, and 20:26.


The Kiss of Peace  [osculum pacis] was known in Greek from an early.[4] 

The common Hebrew greeting shalom and shalom aleichem, is used by Jesus in the Gospels, e.g. Luke 24:36John 20:2120:26.



Lights - New Fears [Official Music Video]

Enya- Angels


Listening to:

Sarah Mclachlan - In The Arms Of The Angel


It’s nice to think there’s Angels watching over us.

Hopefully, those I’ve known who’ve already gone ahead will have joined their numbers.

As my Grandma often said, we’ll find out when we get there, When The Time is Ripe;
Or, as my Mum would say, when our work here is done.

Kate Bush - This Woman's Work - Official Music Video


Snow, rain and freezing rain- must be Spring.

Stay Warm and Dry-


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Beautiful!!! Thanks for using my stocks and good luck in the contest Hug 
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Great job! Thank you for using my stock :) x
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Beautiful work, Cat :clap:
Good luck with the contest :hug:
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Thanks.Angel Emoticon An intriguing theme, with LOTS of interesting entries. :nod:
[Cats are NOT supposed to be climbing on the furniture. But, well, y'know, -cats.  Cat blob ]
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You're welcome :huggle:
(I don't mind the furniture, if only they would stay away from the curtains :D )
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