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Among Atlanteans, like Meri (short for Merina), parasols for the sun, have become the fashion.


Thanks to DestinyBlue for posting her ‘Bubble Fish Girl’, Line Art (March 18, 2006) for colouring;

And, here is Blue’s finished version, anime (December 7, 2005), to celebrate 30k page views. [That was a while ago.]

“Drew this one to say thank you to the DeviantART community…
I get such warm responses and wonderful comments when I post my anime art here, it really makes me smile.

“Drew this when I was still an amateur, and everyones helpful comments spurred me on to go on and become a professional artists, which is what I do now, and I love my job XD

“~Thank you all so much! 
 I couldn't do it without you 

“Done in Opencanvas and took around 25 hours so complete.”

-DestinyBlue, 2005.



And, best wishes to DestinyBlue, for her health; and, to everyone facing similar issues, as Blue has discussed in Suicidal, Fix Me, and Scared of the Light, which she has had the courage to speak out.

It’s sometimes hard for those of us with ‘invisible disabilities’ and health issues.

If I had a square nickel for every time someone said, “But, you look fine.” I could buy not just a Green Tea, but a whole franchise. [As my friend says, we all could; and, then we wouldn’t have to worry about health coverage being cutback.]



Meri: Bubble Fish Girl Line Art, by DestinyBlue  (2006)

(DestinyBlue’s finished version, anime, 2005)

Other Resources:

Texture 259, by Malleni-Stock

Texture 262, by Malleni-Stock

Texture 203, by Malleni-Stock

Bubbles Stock 11, by Malleni-Stock

Texture 138, by Malleni-Stock

Texture water PNG, by Jean52

Cloud Panorama 6, by sd-stock

Waterscapes texture 01 - unrestricted stock, by MariaLoikkii

Starry Night Texture, by ArrsistableStock




Listening to:

Birdy - Wild Horses

Deleted Disney: "Someday" Hunchback of Notre Dame Cover

“Someday life may be fairer, need will be rarer, greed will not pay

God speed this bright millennium, on it’s way, let it come, someday

Someday, my fight will be won, then.  We’ll stand in the sun, then, that bright afternoon

Til then, on days when the sun is gone, we’ll hang on; wish upon the moon

Change will come one day, someday, soon…”


Thanks to DestinyBlue, and all the Stock Artists, and everyone on DA, for your support.


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Awww, this is so cute :love: