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M.A.U. Mecha Castle: First Dog Watch



M.A.U. Castle: Mecha Base: Dog Watch

This revisits Grey's Mecha Base: M.A.U. Castle for the first part of the Night Watch, or Dog Watch. The second part is M.A.U. Castle: Last Dog Watch.

This was one of the first mixed media/ photomanipulations I posted.

It’s a combination of the Grey’s Mecha designs, from the inspiration folder, for Pendragon-Arts's A Special Christmas Present CONTEST! [December, 2015]

Pendragon-Arts was kind enough to also allow the Mecha to stand guard at N.O.T.T. Castle, in Rocket Robin Hood Rescues Marion From the Castle



This “Dog Watch” follows the tradition of being the Night Watch; since, Sirius, the "Dog Star", was the first star seen at night.[4]

The First Dog Watch is from 1600 to 1800 (4 pm to 6 pm); and, the Last Dog Watch from 1800 to 2000 (6 pm to 8 pm).

Wherever this base is; or, whatever planet it's on, it certainly gets dark early. Maybe, it’s winter in Northern Canada.


Grey C. Dixon Designs:
Mecha, Mark I-A and II: Grey's inspirational piece 4 and Grey's MAU Contest inspiration piece 1 

Mecha, Mark III and IV: Grey's MAU Contest inspiration piece 1 and  Grey's DEMoNS Inspirational piece 3

Mecha FSSB, ROAVer (Remote Operated Automated Vehicle) [Top Right]: Grey's FSSB inspirational piece 2

Mecha DEMoNs, ROAVer [Far Right]: Grey's DEMoNS Inspirational piece 3

Tree and Moat, Foreground: Grey's Tree and pond inspirational piece 6

Castle, Background: Grey's magic chamber or dungeon inspirational 5


Thanks to all the Stock Artists


Pilot, Left, modeled on: Space Suit STOCK I and Space Pilot Suit STOCK III, by PhelanDavion
Pilot, Left, Model: PhelanDavion, Photographer: KaylaDavion

Pilot, Right, modeled on: Starry Amilea Airhart 1a,  by jagged-eye, (David MacKenzie, 
Pilot, Right Model: StarryMuse, (, Photographer: jagged-eye, ( 

Tool Bags: tool bag, by Susannehs

Castle: Cardiff Castle 1, by CAStock

Satellite and Radar, Geodesic "Radomes" Domes (inside curtain wall): stock1790 and stock1784, by stockicide 
and Spaceship Earth full view front, by WDWParksGal-Stock

Hanging Lamp, at portcullis: Castle Lamp Stock, by Sasa-Stock
Pole Lamps, on ramparts: (Right) Lamp png stock, by mrscats and (left) Spain Sa33 Street Lamp, by Gwathiell 


Update: Additional Resources:

Snow PNG, by Lora-Vysotskaya

Random Starscape, by crowlord1975

Lamp post, by TinaLouiseUk

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Sky Stock 05, by msfowle

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Sunset Stock 3, by Idle-Emma-Stock

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Texture 259, by Malleni-Stock


Autodesk-Sketchbook Pro and 7

PSE10- Photoshop Elements 10


Asus EP121B Eee Slate

Wacom Tablet


Reference: [Not Stock - I just wanted to see what a Castle would look like at night.]

Cardiff Castle at Night, by Mixdown13

caerphilly castle at night, by Vanwolfe



Miraculous Ladybug : Christmas Special promo (French) with english subtitles

ALBATOR, le corsaire de l'espace ou ALBATOR 78 - générique


Listening to:

The Shepherd - Frederick Forsyth - read by Alan Maitland [Fireside Al] from CBC Radio


Best Wishes for the Holidays for Everyone.


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Wonderful work, Cat :clap:
I love the green shimmering light :)