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Introducing The Windigo, Page 8


Introducing The Windigo, Page 8

This is a continuation of the continuing story of Cassie Greenaway, a.k.a. “The Windigo”, from Introducing The Windigo, Page 2 -Page 3,  Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, and Page 7.


Nota Bene:

Introducing The Windigo was awarded an Honourable Mention and Writer’s Award in the Original Character Contest - WINNERS, sponsored by Disabled-dArtist. Congratulations to Everyone and Thanks.



Cassie Greenaway was a Graduate Student, at University College, specializing in Organic Agriculture, specifically Companion Planting, and The “Three Sisters”, the main crops grown by some Native American nations: winter squashmaize (corn), and climbing beans (typically tepary beans or common beans).

While her allergies, asthma and sensitivities were manageable, another student, made her sick with her perfume, and contaminated her specimens.

As a result she was transformed into “The Windigo”, as the media dubbed her.

She appeared at the UN, urging the delegates to act, without further delay, on protecting the clean water, treaty rights, organic foods, and healthy air standards.

Then, she went to her Aunt Carol’s condo, in the city, who was a Naturopathic Doctor.

When Carol saw “The Windigo” on the news, wearing her niece’s green hoodie, she rushed back to her condo as fast as she could get there.

 Her Mum, Cassie’s Grandmother, Emily, was astounded when Cassie disappeared from the condo, and just as suddenly reappeared. But, she kept her head, and got her rinsed off into shower, and on oxygen, which Dr. Carol had prescribed before.

Dr. Carol called Dr. Astor, an Immunologist, at the Nova Clinic, right away, to get Cassie into the E.E.H.U. (Emergency Environmental Health Unit).

For her part, Dr. H, Hesea Astor, was anxious to get Cassie into the E.H.U., before the authorities or media could track her down.


Episode, Page 8:

Dr. Carol, Cassie’s Aunt, went to the kitchen to call Dr. Astor and get a cup of Green Tea and maybe some barley bread.

Cassie’s  Grandmother, Emily, went to see how she was doing, and check on the oxygen cylinder.

 “Dr. Carol?” The voice of her Digital Assistant, Jeannie, came over speaker from the comm link (communications link) in her ID badge. “Connecting with Nova Clinic, Doctor,” Jeannie said.

“Nova Clinic,” the Digital Office Manger came on the line. “May I be of assistance?”

“Dr. Carol for Dr. Astor,” Jeannie told clinic’s Computer Office Manager, Alice.

“One moment, please,” Alice said.

“Dr. Carol? This is L, here,” another voice came on the line. “Dr. Astor’s Office Manager. Dr. Astor has been waiting for your call,” she said.

“Thank you,” Carol and Jeannie said, at the same time.

Carol rolled her eyes, between sips of her organic tea. She thought this was getting a bit complicated, with all the computers talking to each other. “So much for the Turing Test,” she muttered, to herself.

“Hold the line for Dr. Astor, please,” Alice said.

“Dr. Carol?” Dr. Astor came on the line. “H (Hestia), here. Carol, can you bring your niece into the office, right away?”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Carol said.

“We saw the news footage,” she said. “I do think that would be best.”

“Yes, of course,” Carol agreed.

“Carol, has your niece, Casandra, seen anyone else about her condition that you’re aware of?” L asked.

“Ah,” Carol thought for a moment, “My Mum, Emily said that she had been to University College’s Health Services.” She answered.

“Hmn, that may complicate things, slightly,” Dr. Astor said.

“Is that a problem?’ Carol asked.

“No, it shouldn’t be,” Dr. Astor assured her. “Alice, would you leave a message for Ariadne that we need to clean up, before Cassandra Greenaway comes in?” She said.

“Yes, of course, Doctor,” Alice answered. “Do you want her to do a full sweep?”

“Yes,” Dr. Astor answered. “We want everything ship-shape, before she gets here.”

“Of course, Doctor,” the computer said. “I’ll see to that.”

“Carol?” Dr. Astor asked. “You drive a smart car, don’t you? Your DA [Digital Assistant] also interface with the car,, right?”

“Yes,” Carol answered. “That’s the way we set it up.”

“Good,” Dr. Astor said. “Alice, can you tell Jeannie to switch to the C-3 [Camouflage, Level 3] protocols, please?”

“Yes, of course, Doctor,” Alice said.

“She’s already running C-1, since I got the call,” Carol added.

 “That’s good,” Doctor Astor agreed. “But, I want to bump that up a bit.”

“Of course,” Carol said, increasingly releasing just how dangerous this all could be, for all of them, now that the media and authorities were involved.

[With C-1, the DA changed the car's colour, by running a small current through the car's skin. While with C-3, the car also transmitted false transponder codes and changed the license plate numbers, which is obviously illegal.]

“Carol, can I talk to your niece, before you bring her in, please?” Dr. Astor asked.

“Ah, yes, of course,” Carol answered, “Just a moment while I go to get her.”

“Thank you,” Dr. Astor said. “Alice, could you please contact Dr. Jenny and Dr. Jun, about taking our patients for the rest of the day, please?”

“Yes, Doctor, Elizabeth is already on it," her DA replied.

“Good, thank you,” Dr. Astor said.

Then, Elizabeth came in, while Dr. Astor was waiting for Cassie to come on the line. “Hes? What are thinking of?”

“I think we'll have to bring her in hot,” she told her.

“Are you kidding?” Elizabeth stared, dumbfounded.

“You saw the news footage,” she reminded her. “We have to do something, and quickly, before we lose her.”

“I know, but,” Elizabeth just shook her head.

“I don’t want to lose this one,” Hestia said. “You know what happened before,” she reminded her.

“Yes, of course, I do; but, she isn’t Izzie,” Elizabeth assured her.

“No,” Dr. Astor agreed. “And, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure things are different, this time,” she said. “We owe my sister that much, at least.”



Apartment Stock 18, by AreteStock


Teacup, by TinaLouiseUk

Decorations:  TheStockWarehouse, from ManipulateThis, for Four Seasons, in the  Autumn To Winter Challenge


Listening to:

Muppet Labs - She Blinded Me With Science (music video)

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science



Cassie, a.k.a. “The Windigo” and the other characters and scenarios are my original.

I can't wait to see what happens next.



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Marie is a photographer with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). She has been featured on CTV News Winnipeg, radio, and print media; but, is struggling to find a suitable place to live and afford appropriate health care.


Amelia Hill, in Australia, became ill with Environmental Illness/ Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, after moving to a new house. To try and recover her health and energy, she is currently working on building an ecologically inert house.

It has been an arduous process and on-going process.


From Web.MD, Environmental Illness Overview

An environmental illness can occur when you are exposed to toxins or substances in the environment that make you sick. These health hazards may be found where you live, work, or play.

 Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause a wide range of common medical problems or exasperate other conditions.

Early treatment includes reducing your exposure to what is making you sick.

Such as improving the air quality by getting rid of the source of pollution, or with air filters, not allowing smoking in your environment, decreasing mold, etc.



Update: (April 24th, 2017)

Marie LeBlanc is a Photographer and Street Artist, who has been living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities [MCS].

YouCaring fundraising page, to help retrofit a caravan for her disabilities, for her to live and work from, Endangered Human Art Project.


Amelia Hill, from Australia, has been building a small house, to accommodate her disabilities and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities MCS, since suffering chemical pesticide poisoning, which she’s chronicled in her blog and on-line, Heal Amelia's Life.

Unfortunately, while her new place is almost finished, her health has deteriorated, as touched on this story about the ‘Bubble Girl’.

Amelia’s friends and family have started a fundraising page to help cover additional medical procedures, to try and improve her condition,

GoFundMe: AmazingAmeliaHill


As my Gaffer often said, 'We're all in this together.'



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