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Introducing The Windigo, Page 6


Introducing The Windigo, Page 6

And, in honour of the longest night of the year, with this is a continuation of the story of Cassie Greenaway, a.k.a. “The Windigo”.
Carrying on from Introducing The Windigo, Page 2 -Page 3,  Page 4, and Page 5.

Cassie's story started, in part, as an entry to the
Original Character Contest, hosted by Disabled-dArtist. 


Cassie Greenaway was a Graduate Student, at University College, specializing in Graduate Student at University College.

Cassie’s allergies, asthma and sensitivities were manageable, before another student, as well as making her sick with her perfume, contaminated her specimens, and she was transformed into “The Windigo”, as the media  dubbed her.

After she appeared at the UN assembly, in New York City, urging the delegates to act, without further delay, on Climate Change, protecting Treaty Rights, and Clean Water, Air Quality, and Organic Foods; she disappearing suddenly, to reappear at her Aunt's condo, in the city.

Her Grandmother, Emily, was already there; and, her Aunt Carol, a Naturopathic doctor soon arrived.
It's a race now, to get Cassie the medical attention she needs,  before the media or the authorities find her.
Her Aunt, Carol, thinks she knows a friend she can call for help.



I was hoping colour-coding the word balloons would be enough to keep the dialogue sorted out.
It’s not too confusing with just two characters in a scene.
But, it sounds like Dr. Carol is calling in some friends to help.


Nota Bene:
Cassie Greenaway, a.k.a. "The Windigo", her Aunt, Carol, her Grandmother, Emily, and other characters and scenarios are my originals. -Cat...


Apartment Stock 13, by AreteStock


Bedside Lamp Png Stock (reposted), by Mom-EsPeace

Ancient Warped Kitchen Table png stock (updated), by Mom-EsPeace

Table, by TinaLouiseUk

Baptismal Font png stock, by Mom-EsPeace

Bling Frame png stock. by Mom-EsPeace


Fruit bowl, by TinaLouiseUk

Bowl of Hearts (updated) png stock, by Mom-EsPeace

Teacup, by TinaLouiseUk

Harvest Bouquet png stock, by Mom-EsPeace

Small bowl PNG, by raduluchian

Framed Prints:

Portal to Narnia, by Can-Cat


Lead Me To Narnia, by feainne-stock

“Aujord’hui Demain/ Je Me Souviens”, by Can-Cat [WIP]

Stonehenge, 1877, photograph taken by Philip Rupert Acott, July, 1877, in the Public Domain, at Wikimedia Commons.

Old Statue Female 8, by Bnspyrd



[1] In 1985, Judge Thomson submitted a report urging governments to provide more support for patients with Environmental Illnesses, allergies, and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), after the report was commissioned by the Ontario (Canada) government.

In 2003, the author Judge Thomson wrote, “Regrettably, over the past few years…. many of the earlier recommendations seem to have been forgotten. …;” aggravating, rather than alleviating the conditions of sufferers.

(Links to the report, its appendices, and related articles at Environmental Health, Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution.)

[2] Marie LeBlanc Artist/Street-Photographer, was part of an exhibition about Canary In The Coal Mine, about managing with Environmental Hypersensitivities and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), announced in Arts & Disability Network Manitoba.

She is currently looking for a place to live and trying to raise funds for needed medical attention. (So much for universal health care, in Canada)

(3) Support #NoDAPL and Support Standing Rock. This is an on-going situation, with people facing recovering from serious injuries and legal issues.

(4) is hosted jointly by the Peace Valley Environment Association, Sierra Club BC and the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative.

 “The proposed $8 billion plus Site C hydroelectric dam would flood more than 80 km of the river valley… [and] tributaries… A joint federal-province environmental impact assessment concluded that the dam would “severely undermine” use of the land… [making]… fishing unsafe… [and] submerge[ing]… burial grounds and other crucial… historical sites.”

- Amnesty International, regarding the Site C Dam BC.


Listening to:

-Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us



Cassie and the other characters and scenarios are my original.


Best Wishes for the Winter Solstice.

Take Care-


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Awesome work, thanks for including my stock in your piece. :D