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Introducing The Windigo, Page 15


Introducing The Windigo, Page 15-

This is a continuation of the story of Cassie Greenaway, a.k.a. “The Windigo”, 

From, Introducing The Windigo, Page 2 -Page 3 Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 8 Page 9Page 10Page 10.A.,  Page 11, Page 12, Page 13, and.



Cassie Greenaway was a Grad Student specializing in organic Companion Planting, specifically The “Three Sisters”, when her lab was contaminated, transforming her into “The Windigo”, as the media have dubbed her.

After appearing and disappearing suddenly, from the UN, where she had urged action on protecting drinking water and air quality, Cassie went to see her Grandmother, Emily and Aunt Carol, a Naturopathic Doctor.

After seeing the news footage of her niece, Cassie, as ‘The Windigo’, Dr. Carol called Dr. Astor, a geneticist and immunologist, at Nova Clinic, to help.

After Cassie, partly materialized at the old N.S.I. medical bays, in the fallout shelters, under her offices at the Nova Clinic, Dr. Astor pulled her through;

Then, she immediately started oxygen and I.V. therapy, administrating antihistamines, etc., to keep Cassie from disappearing again, before they could stabilize her.


Introducing The Windigo, Page 15-

“Dr. Astor?” Cassie asked, seeing her, like through a veil.

The Doctor saw Cassie, like a flicker of light, glowing in front of her. She reached out, into the light, and grabbed on to her, before she could slip away.

“Cassie Greenaway!” She called out. “I’ve got you!” She held on, to what she assumed was an arm, and pulled her in to the exam room.

Cassie fell into her arms. “Got you!”

“Dr. Astor, I presume?” Cassie asked, in a low voice.

“Yes!” She laughed, hanging on to her; so, she wouldn’t vanish, again.

“We’re going to start you on oxygen and I.V. therapy, give you some antihistamines and medication, to stabilize you; and, to keep you here, with us, for a bit; so, you won’t just phased away,” The Doctor explained. “Okay?”

Cassie looked around, still a little stunned, “Okay,” she answered, weakly.

Dr. Astor already had the syringes lined up; and, she had already checked all of Cassie’s charts, from when she’d been there before; and, her D.A./ A.I. {Digital Assistant/ Artificial Intelligence], Alice.

She tapped her Nova Clinic, I.D. Badge, to connect to everyone through the comm links. “L? Carol? Emily?” She said,  “It’s okay. Cassie is here, with me. We’ve got here.”

“We’re on our way,” Carol and Emily said.

“All secure here. I’m coming down, now,” Elizabeth said, from the upper office.

“Okay, Cassie, let’s get you stabilized,” Dr. Astor said.

Cassie nodded, “And then?” She asked.

Dr. Astor shrugged, “That’s up to you,” she said.

“But, for now, let’s take one thing, at a time, okay?”

She smiled, exhausted, “Okay.”

“This is going to be a long road,” Dr. Astor cautioned her.

“Of course,” Cassie nodded, settling back on the exam table. She couldn’t help but wonder what would become of ‘The Windigo’.

But, Dr. Astor put her hand on her chin, and brought her face up, to look in her eyes, “Hey, focus,” she admonished. “We want you to stay put, here with us, for awhile. Okay?” She said.

“Yes, of course,” Cassie smiled, weakly. Whatever was going to happen, she didn’t have to worry about it right now. For now, all she had to do was survive, and recover;

And, as Dr. Astor said, that was quite enough to be getting on with, for the moment..



Dr. Astor’s Office [Former NSI, [National Science Institute] Fallout Shelter Medical]:

Deer Lodge Prison 23, by Falln-Stock


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Listening to:

Florence + The Machine Wish That You Were video

Lauren Alaina - Road Less Traveled

Katherine Jenkins - Abigail's Song (Silence is all you Know)


N.B. -Updates:

Unfortunately, Amelia Hill, who has been building a small house, to accommodate her disabilities and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities MCS, chronicled in Heal Amelia's Life;

Amelia’s health has deteriorated dramatically recently. She’s been hospitalized; and, had trouble finding and affording additional treatments.

Her friends and family have a fundraising page to help cover these additional medical costs, to try and improve her condition, GoFundMe: AmazingAmeliaHill



Marie LeBlanc, a photographer from Winnipeg, who has documented her struggles with disabilities and MCS has been without a place to live;

She’s desperately, trying to raise funds to afford to outfit a caravan she can live/ work from, and afford much needed gear at EndangeredHumanyoucaring.

Notes/ Links:

Women’s College Hospital, Re. MCS Update, Dr. Lynn Marshall, Lead Author

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation, Re. Scent-Free Public Spaces

Woman with MCS Housing Crisis, Nova Scotia, Canada

HEAL- Human Ecology Action League

Surviving Branches of H.E.F.-The Human Ecology Foundation of Canada/

A.E.H.A. The Allergy and Environmental Health Association [1975-present]

Environmental Health Association of Québec (EHAQ)

Environmental Health Association of Alberta

 Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution


When something as big as the environment affects everyone’s health, it’s tempting to think there’s nothing we can do; but, everything that helps a little can make a big difference.


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