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Introducing The Windigo, Page 13


Introducing The Windigo, Page 13-

This is a continuation of the story of Cassie Greenaway, a.k.a. “The Windigo”, 

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Cassie Greenaway was a Grad Student, specializing in organic Companion Planting, when someone contaminated her lab with GMOs; transforming her into “The Windigo”, as the media have dubbed her, an “Eco-Terrorist”.

After appearing and disappearing from the UN, where she urged action on protecting drinking water and air quality, Cassie went to see her Grandmother, Emily and Aunt Carol, a Naturopathic Doctor.

After seeing the news footage of her niece, Cassie, as ‘The Windigo’, at the UN, Dr. Carol called Dr. Astor, a geneticist and immunologist, to help.

Dr. Astor is trying to get Cassie to teleport herself, the way she did at the UN, to the medical bays in the old fallout shelter, under her offices at the Nova Clinic.

Dr. Astor reminds Cassie that she’s been there before, and that her own sister Izzy and D used to do this. Cassie remembers, “Je me Souviens.”


Introducing The Windigo, Page 13-

“Cassie, focus on my voice,” Dr. Astor urged her. “Remember you’ve been here before. Remember, how my sister Izzy and D used to come here.”

“Je me Souviens,” Cassie said, in a strange voice.

“She’s glowing!” Emily, Cassie’s Grandmother gasped.

“Cassie, I think you’re somehow channeling the power of nature. Can you feel it?” Dr. Astor said. “Can you feel how all nature is connected?” She said.

“I feel, the pain, nature, dying, so much pain and suffering,” Cassie cried. “How can they poison the water and air; how can they be so arrogant, greedy, and petty?” She asked.

“Do they think people can drink oil?” She cried. “Don’t they care for even their own children and grandchildren? How can they be so cruel?

“They’re eating the future!”

“Cassie!” Dr. Astor called to her. “Let me help you! Cassie! Come to me!” She called.

Cassie screamed in pain, “BEWARE –THE- WINDIGO!”



Dr. Astor’s Office [Former NSI Fallout Shelter Medical]:

Deer Lodge Prison 23, by Falln-Stock

Dr. Carol’s Condo:

Base Background Unedited Stock (My Bedroom), by XWykydWytchX

That Room., by Regression

Framed Prints:

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Window and Wooden House - PNG Stock, by Wesley-Souza [For The Canadian Corps of Engineers, for CREATIVE MINDS CHALLENGE IV, hosted by CD-STOCK]

The Giant’s Flower, or Solar Fleur, by Can-Cat

Mountain and Sunflowers, by EveLivesey

Sunflower, by nighthawk101stock

Be Like Water, by Can-Cat

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“The world is eating us alive.”

Muse: Dig Down

A Tribe Called Red - Sisters ft Northern Voice



While the media have dubbed Cassie “The Windigo”, because of her warning to “Beware the Windigo”, in Algonquian traditions, the Windigo is reputed to be a cannibal monster or evil spirit bringing to light insatiable greed, in people.

Either this interpretation is inaccurate; or, Cassie is connected to some other power of nature, or nature spirit.



May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, LymeDisease.Org

May is also MCS Awareness Month, severely Sensitive to Pollution


Amelia Hill, the ‘Bubble Girl’, from Australia, has been building a small house, to accommodate her disabilities and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities MCS, chronicled at Heal Amelia's Life.

Amelia’s friends and family have started a fundraising page to help cover additional medical procedures, to try and improve her condition, GoFundMe: AmazingAmeliaHill


Marie LeBlanc, a photographer from Winnipeg, who has documented her struggles with disabilities and MCS has been without a place to live; and, has started crowdfunding for a caravan or tiny house to live and work from, at EndangeredHumanyoucaring.


You know the old saying, "Nobody here; but, us Canaries !"



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