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Introducing The Windigo, Page 10


Introducing The Windigo, Page 10-

This is a continuation of the story of Cassie Greenaway, a.k.a. “The Windigo”, from Introducing The Windigo, Page 2 -Page 3,  Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, and  Page 9.



Cassie Greenaway was a Grad Student, specializing in Companion Planting, specifically The “Three Sisters”, the from Native American cultures, when a rival student contaminated her specimens with CRISPR spliced GMO organisms, transforming her into the “Eco-Terrorist” the media have dubbed “The Windigo”.

After appearing suddenly at the UN, to urge action on a vote supposed to protect drinking water, air quality, and treaty rights, she’s went to see her Aunt Carol, a ND.

While Cassie’s recovering, at her condo, Dr. Carol has called Dr. Astor, a Geneticist, at the Nova Clinic, for help.

Now, they just have to get her there, before the media or authorities get her first.


Introducing The Windigo, Episode 10:

Dr. Astor and Liz took the lift down to the lowest levels below the Nova Medical Clinic.

It took a key to get to these levels, which were originally built as a fallout shelters, with hospital facilities, as part of the NSI [National Science Institute, formerly the NSS/ National Security Services], during the Second World War and early Cold War.

But, Dr. Astor’s sister Izzy and her partner, D, had erased all the government records, when they were decommissioned years ago.

“Alice,” Dr. Astor said, tapping her ID badge to activate her comm link [communications link] to her DA [Digital Assistant].

“Yes, Doctor,” the computer answered.

“Good, you’re on-line. Reroute the comm link through the Annex to here, please,” she directed.

“Yes, Doctor,” the computer said.

“And, tell K to limit comm traffic to Emerge [Emergency Channels] only, please,” she added.

“K has already notified our friends and Helpers, Doctor,” Alice said.

“Good, thank you,” the Doctor acknowledged.

“Is it because we’re so far down,” L asked, “That we can’t connect directly?”

“Yes,” the Doctor answered. “There’s no way to get a direct line down here. Imagine it: radio waves and actual, physical copper wires; and, they had the audacity to plan to survive the end of civilization. It was a M.A.D. policy [Mutually Assured Destruction].”

“Are you still planning on bringing the girl here directly?” L asked.

“Yes,” she said. “I think that would be best. I don’t want to lose her en route.”

The lights came on as they stepped out of the lift: LEDs, with a warm, full spectrum light, and comfortably warm candle power.

“It’s been awhile since anyone’s been down here,” L noted.

“A bit,” the Doctor, acknowledged.

They walked past the framed prints on the walls: grainy images from security cameras, which her sister, Izzy, had had blown up and fastened there, as reminders.

Bright red letters were blazoned across a billboard for the former CM: Corps Mondial [Now, rechristened MC/WC: World Corps, LLC].

“Je Me Souviens” [“I Remember”], the slogan proclaimed, scrawled by a blurred figure, in the bottom corner of the grainy frame. She paused, remembering.

“Hes?” L said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t want to lose this one, L,” She said.

“We’ll do the best we can,” Liz said.

“We owe Izzy no less,” she answered.

“Doctor, Jeannie is putting your call through to Dr. Carol Astor, now,” her DA said.

“Thank you, Alice,” the Doctor said, pulling herself, and taking in a deep breath.

“Dr. Carol? Is your niece ready?” She asked.

“Yes, I mean, she’s getting ready. My Mum, Emily, is with her, right now,” Carol answered.

“Good. Carol, I want to bring your niece in directly. And, you and Emily can follow along afterwards, in your smart car. Okay? Can I talk to Cassie directly, please?” Hes said.

“Um, yes, of course, Dr. Astor,” Carol stammered, a little confused. “Are you sending an Air Ambulance for her?”

“Don’t worry, Carol, this isn’t our first rodeo,” she tried to reassure her. “Oh, sorry, no offense,” Hes added.

“Um, none taken,” Carol said, taking the comm down the hall to her niece.



Dr. Astor’s Nova Clinic: (Former NSI Medical Unit)

Hallway 1, by dishessatillite

Framed Print:

 “Je Me Souviens”, by Can-Cat [WIP]

Stonehenge, 1877, photograph taken by Philip Rupert Acott, July, 1877, in the Public Domain, at Wikimedia Commons-

Old Statue Female 8, by Bnspyrd

Office Building 002 in EastBayStock, by CaliforniaClipper

Athens big adsign 02 - STOCK, by resMENSA

Lighting Equipment PNG, by manuelvelizan

Lighting Equipment PNG 02, by manuelvelizan

Solar Panels: Baby Turtle Stock, by Carlyndra

Polycrystaline Photovoltaic 2 and Polycrystaline Photovoltaic, by Californianinja

Dr. Carol’s Condo:

Apartment Stock 18, by AreteStock


Teacup, by TinaLouiseUk

Decorations:  TheStockWarehouse, from ManipulateThis, for Four Seasons, in the Autumn To Winter Challenge

Framed Print:

“Green Energy”, [WIP]

Forest stock, by mirrorimagestock (Photographer: Niki, fromthesea)

Planet - Edari 1 and 2, by Stock7000

Golden Planet Sun PNG, by RavenMaddArtwork

Mixed Exclusive Textures, by CD-STOCK (For Honourable Mention, for The Canadian Corps of Engineers, for CREATIVE MINDS CHALLENGE IV, hosted by CD-STOCK)

Texture 203, by Malleni-Stock

heavenly sky stock, by ClarabellafaireStock

Clouds/Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Bling Frame png stock, by Mom-EsPeace




Listening to:

Sia - We Can Hurt Together



Cassie, a.k.a. “The Windigo” and the other characters and scenarios are my original.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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