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In The End- Of The Beginning


In The End -Of The Beginning-

Submitted to What Awaits Us When We Die? CONTEST, by SharpenedEdge

The theme was, "What awaits us 'In The End' (must be in the title)? Show me.” 
What Awaits Us Contest @:iconsharpenededge: 

This was also submitted to the Stock Competition, hosted by TinaLouiseUk.


"In The End –Of The Beginning", hopefully we’ll find that what's left of us, when we leave this world- the stories, everything we’ve learned, meeting those we’ve missed and longed to meet, passing others coming and going from this world, along The Path of Souls, which we see as The Milky Way. 

Thanks to all the stock providers and to SharpenedEdgefor hosting.



Stock Resources:

Friends, Family, and Fellow Travellers:

(Roughly Clockwise, starting at twelve o'clock)

Cima 068, by FairieGoodMother

Hestia 4, by syccas-stock

Titania23, by faestock

Oceans of Sky 04, by Elandria

Walking on the beach, by CathleenTarawhiti

Elven Royalty 4, by mizzd-stock

Horse and Rider Stock, by Colourize-Stock

Pallas - 53, by mjranum-stock

Fallen Angel, by SteveWackenKing

Ember34, by faestock

Nimue 6, by Kuoma-stock

Gloaming 04 RESTRICTED, by Elandria

If I Could Be Where You Are IV, by nightstocker

Kyndelfire-Stock: Draw,by Kyndelfire-stock

Nightingale - Stock Pose Reference 2, by faestock

Unifold, by MissSouls-stock

Winter3, by faestock

Polonaise 5, by DandyStock

Girl With Raven, by ann-emerald-stock

Victorian 2, by Valentine-FOV-Stock

1, by NastiaOsipovaStock

Urban nomad stock 20, by Random-Acts-Stock

Holi Festival 2009 89, by Falln-Stock

Long haired Grecian girl stock (2015), by QueenWerandra (Photographer:  Orion Nelson / Orion Nelson Custom Creations )

The executive, by mjranum-stock

Long dress (3), by TinaLouiseUk

Archaeologist preview, by magikstock

Race Girl - 2, by mjranum-stock

Death Bird - 1, by mjranum-stock

24, by NastiaOsipovaStock

Kizy, by kizysem

Formal V, by hexacle-stock

2014-09-22 Rhea Lothlorien 03, by skydancer-stock

(Cavalier) 30, by NastiaOsipovaStock

English civil war stock S, by Random-Acts-Stock

Samurai STOCK XI, by PhelanDavion (photographer: Phelan A. Davion, model: Nick Pryde)

Pirate - T - 3, by mjranum-stock (ModelTonyGibble, Tony Gibble)

DSC05995Wild West, by wintersmagicstock

Crusader STOCK I, by PhelanDavion, (Phelan A. Davion / Studio: Opendimensions)

Geared Up - Desert 16, by Nemesis-19

Japanese Festival 66, by Falln-Stock

Urban Wall, by cable9tuba

The Hero, by BokoGreat-STOCK

Pilot Stock 4, by Mareah

Hugo 6, by AimeeStock

Warbird - C - 3, by mjranum-stock [Model: ClintShields, Clint]

Steam - Sky Captain, by Nemesis-19

Red Coat stock 12, by Random-Acts-Stock

Lovely Couple - Stock 1, by Mirish

AilinStock Co-op 5, by PirateLotus-Stock and AilinStock.

Girl and boy 3, by Paigesmum-stock

boy walking away stock, by DemoncherryStock

(Girls, on left) Medieval Festival 2, by Eirian-stock

(Girls, on right) Gypsy Sisters 1, by foggystock

Secret service stock 34, by Random-Acts-Stock

Stock - Fantasy - Dark Warrior's Sword, by MahafsounMother and Son Sweet V, by IQuitCountingStock

Lace Dress Stock 3, by chamberstock

Gunne Dress 3, by chamberstock

Elf archer 2, by Random-Acts-Stock

Musical Romance 17, by AilinStock


Crow-raven, by InKi-Stock

Dove Flying1, by Tasastock

Wing stock 14, by rewston-stock

Dog Stock 185, by Jaded-Night-Stock

Arctic Wolf Cub, by FurLined

Corgi Love Stock 8, by chamberstock

Butterfly Stock 02, by Malleni-Stock

Snowshoe hare stock 1, by alphasoupstock

Cat Stock 45, by Malleni-Stock

Butterfly stock 2, by PirateLotus-Stock

gorjuss-stock White Owl, by gorjuss-stock

Rabbit 01, by mrscats

Fawn Stock image 3, by daftopia

Seagull in flight 6, by CAStock

Seagull in flight 11, by CAStock

Birds Stock 01, by Malleni-Stock

Sky, Clouds, Lens Flares, and Other Resources:

Above 1, by CAStock

Sky, by FaniIoanna

Feather clouds, by CAStock

Above the Clouds 4, by Valentine-FOV-Stock

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Lens Flare Packby daWIIZ

Little flameby MD-Arts

Candle stick, by TinaLouiseUk

Flame, by TinaLouiseUk


This is Planet Earth, by FantasyStock


Background, by FaniIoanna

Other Resources, Tutorials:

(Thanks to everyone for taking the time to put together tutorials. They are greatly appreciated. Here are a couple that were helpful making this.)

Manip Academy, from The-Imaginarium

How to create a night from day scene on the gimp, by annewipf



[1]The Milky Way as "The Path of Souls" in Native American traditions-

There is a lot of material on this, from a wide variety of perspectives, and veracity. This is a brief excerpt, from one site.

 “The Seminoles say the Milky Way shines brightest following the death of one of their tribe. They believe this is so that the path to the City in the Sky will be lighted brightly for the travelling  Seminole." […]

Nota Bene- The Seminole are a Native Americantribe originally from Florida. They comprise three federally recognized tribes and independent groups, most living in Oklahoma with a minority in Florida. The Seminole nation emerged in a process of ethnogenesis out of groups of Native Americans, most significantly Creek from what are now northern Muscogee.[1]

[2] “And, miles to go before I sleep.”

From "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" is a poem written in 1922 by Robert Frost, and published in 1923. Frost called it "my best bid for remembrance".[1]

“This is not the end of me. This is the beginning.”

From Christina Perri’s song, “I Believe”.

Official Lyric video, from fan’s Instagram photos, Christina Perri - I Believe [Fan Instagram Lyric Video


With asthma, allergies, etc., I’ve come close to finding out what’s on the other side a few times. Some of the worst incidents have been from chemical pesticides, from neighbours who didn’t like Dandelions.

I hate to get to the Pearly Gates, or Pearly Turnstile, and have to admit I’m reporting in early, because someone didn’t mind poisoning birds, bees, or me, because someone didn't like Dandelions.

This has been a bit of an experiment, to see how the hardware (Windows, Sketchbook Pro, Wacom tablet, and me) handled a widescreen panoramic view. The universe is so big, even this brief glimpse, from the threshold, stretched the limits.

I look forward to finding out what’s on the other side of that door everyone goes through, someday; and, hopefully reuniting with those who have already gone ahead, who are missed so much. For now, there’s always more to do and learn, and “miles to go before I sleep”.

Take Care and Keep Breathing.


Post Script-

Dandelion: Taraxacum (/təˈræksəkᵿm/) is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae and consists of species commonly known as dandelionThey are found as commonplace wild flowers worldwide.[2] 

Both species are entirely edible.[3] The common name dandelion (/ˈdændᵻlaɪ.ən/ dan-di-ly-ən, from French dent-de-lion, meaning "lion's tooth") is given to members of the genus

The plant has a wide variety of uses. The flowers are used to make dandelion wine,[38] the greens are used in salads, the roots have been used to make a coffee substitute (when baked and ground into powder).

The plant is used by 
Native Americans as a food and medicine,[39] and in Europe, North America, and China,[33] to treat infections, bile and liver problems,[33] and as a diuretic.[33]


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Thank you. :D (Big Grin) 
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Fabulous, I love the colours and the way you have integrated all the stock images. Good luck in the contest
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Thank you, and thanks for saying about the colours.
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That would be so cool, wouldn't it? To see everyone that you loved, but also everyone that inspired you... Awesome picture, especially after seeing all that stock list... :D :D

The best of luck in the contest! :hug:
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It would be nice to see everyone. Some people must have a secretary to schedule even seeing them for tea. Thank you.
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Indeed. :)

My pleasure. 
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Awesome job!! Thank you so much for using my stock :) x
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Thank you. I'm also thinking about something for your stock challenge, Competition.
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Wow, lots of stock used on this one!  Good luck in the contest :)
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Thanks you. There's a lot of great stock images out there. But, as you know, it can be difficult to find a good man (male model). The ManStock group was a big help.
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That's great to hear :)
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Quite a gathering you have there. Nicely done. :)
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That must taken so long! Wow, that's a lot of people. Great job! :clap:
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Thank you. An art teacher told me never to think about how long something might take before starting. (Now, I know what she meant.)
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Pretty cool!  Thanks for using my stock and good luck!
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Thank you. You have some unique stock images, in your gallery.
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You did a great work with all these images! Good luck in the contest!
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Thank you. I was just reading William Wyler's comments about directing 'Ben Hur (1959)', in widescreen, when the horses were added. So, it reminded me of that.…
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