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If I Had Wings


If I Had Wings

This was going to be submitted to I Have Wings - Challenge, hosted by Midnight-Designed 
Although, it was finished in plenty of time, it turned out that there were submission limits, and the category was closed weeks before the finish date. [C'est la vie modern. But, it was an interesting challenge, especially as my first half dozen attempts didn’t pan out, as planned.]

Thanks to all the stock artists. Your efforts are always appreciated.

Many who study such things report that Flying Dreams “are one of the most common dreams.



If I Had Wings

If I had wings

          I would have hollow bones

          Lighter and more vulnerable

If I had wings

          My heart and lungs could pump

          Twice as much oxygen

If I had wings

          My eyes could see forever

          Past the horizon

And if I had wings

          I could fly up to the heavens

          Far above the world

If I had wings

          I might be an eagle soaring high above the mountains

          Looking over everything on the ground

If I had wings

          I might be a swan gliding over a cool clear glacial tarn

          Mirroring everything when the waters are still and calm

If I had wings

          I might be a canary in a cage in a mine

          Warning all my life if the air was healthy to breath

And if I had the wings of a canary in a cage

          I might dream of soaring above the mountains

          In the cool clean air as if I had the wings of an eagle




Stock Resources:


naked stock 03, by huomennastock

Nerissa35, by faestock

Nerissa39, by faestock

Birds and Wings:

Spreading my Wings, by FrankAndCarySTOCK

duck stock 3, by Sikaris-Stock

Minnesota Loon, by tizjezzme

Loon 003, by BozMurphy-Stock

Bird 232 - flying eagle, by Momotte2stocks

Lake and Backgrounds:

pond,by Betelgeza

Waterfall Stock 20, by Malleni-Stock

Sky, Clouds, and Other Resources:

FOG/CLOUDS PNG, by Moonglowlilly

Cloudy Sky STOCK PACK, by adoreluna

Sky Stock 03, by msfowle

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk



[1] Bone density and the lightweight skeletons of birds

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[4] Tarn - definition of tarn by The Free Dictionary, A small mountain lake, especially one formed by glaciers [Middle English tarne, of Scandinavian origin.] 

[5] Tarn (lake) - Wikipedia A tarn (or corrie loch) is a mountain lake or pool, formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier. ... The word is derived from the Old Norse word tjörn meaning pond.

Mist - Wikipedia Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air.


Mist always makes things interesting.

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