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Holiday Snaps


Holiday Snaps-

These are part of the background photos in Video Killed The Radio Star. The entry for the Living Multimedia - Contest, hosted by THE3-ContestEvents.

The theme is “Living Multimedia, Bringing Multimedia to life in such a way that we feel they have the ability to act like human beings or animals.  Make us laugh! Funny and crazy artwork wanted.”

Thanks to all the Stock Artists.

This is Zee and Whrr, posing for a selfie photo on their holiday trip to the UK, in front of the famous Stonehenge.

These are just  a couple of holiday snaps, from their trip to the UK and with the folks to Montana.


Stock Resources:

Zee: Old Radio 3, by Hjoranna

Whrr: Keystone 3 Lense 8mm Camera, by eviln8

Stz: old-Tv, by mistyt-stock


Stonehenge 6, by CAStock

Havre Underground 8, by Falln-Stock

Other Resources:

Mad Scientist Mari 4, by TwilightAmazonStock

804 Build A Nouveau Frame, by Tigers-stock

Png Makeup Eyes and Png Eyelash 2, by Moonglowlilly

Iris PNG set 3, by VelmaGiggleWink

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Sky Stock 05, by msfowle

Moon, by TinaLouiseUk


Listening to:Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill and Kate Bush - Breathing - Official Music Video

It'd be nice to get away for awhile to see the sights, the museums and galleries.

There's a Heat Alert and Air Quality Advisory. There's something wrong, when people have to be warned about the air.

Presumably, the air is clearer in Radio City, where they rely on solar, wind, tide generators and geothermal.



Heel Stone - Wikipedia The Heel Stone is a single large block of sarsen stone standing within the Avenue outside the entrance of the Stonehenge earthwork.

Havre, Montana - Wikipedia When fire destroyed Havre's business district in 1904, legitimate above-ground businesses joined the illicit businesses operating in the underground while the new brick buildings were built in the streets above. The underground area, now designated "Havre Beneath the Streets", currently operates as a tourist attraction.[8]

Post Script- Why Is Stonehenge Still A Mystery?

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Great job! Thank you so much :) x