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Hidden Life


Hidden Life

-This was submitted to Stock Use Challenge: Rocks, hosted by Malleni-Stock, using required stock, Altschlossfelsen Stock 01, by Malleni-Stock

-And, the Short Challenge #24, sponsored by The Imaginarium, with required stock, Autumn End - Stock, by FrancescaAmyMaria, and/ or Witch 1 by Panopticon-Stock.

-And, also to Mysterious Folk In The Forest - Contest, hosted by THE3-ContestEvents, using contest stock by YBsilon-Stock and  CD-STOCK.

Thanks to all the contest, challenge hosts and stock providers It was interesting how the themes and stocks complimented each other.

There is so much hidden life in the forest, all inter-connected.

The Fae, Humanae Magi, Pukwudgie, Ishigaq, wildlife, and all the families of The People share the natural world with humans, whether they allow themselves to be seen, or shyly remain hidden.

Nature is widely recommended for its healing powers. Even Hippocrates wrote about it, as Vis medicatrix naturae   



Stock Resources:

Forest and Backgrounds:

Altschlossfelsen Stock 01, Altschlossfelsen Stock 63, Altschlossfelsen Stock 33, Altschlossfelsen Stock 57, Altschlossfelsen Stock 03, by Malleni-Stock

Houses by YBsilon-Stock, Round Houses with chimney, by YBsilon-Stock

Imp by CD-STOCK, Sculpture 17 by CD-STOCK, Tree Carving by CD-STOCK, Autumn Place by CD-STOCK, and Fingers by CD-STOCK, by CD-STOCK.

Humanae, Brownies, Gnomes, Goblins, Faeries, and Pukwudgie:

Autumn End - Stock, Autumn End - Stock, Autumn End - Stock, Autumn End - Stock, by FrancescaAmyMaria

Photographer - Giorgia Lazzarini, Make up and Hairstyle – FrancescaAmyMaria, Model - Marika Gilmour and FrancescaAmyMaria

Witch 1, by Panopticon-StockPhotographer: ShinoriPhotographerModel: Lesard 

Mysterious Guy by YBsilon-Stock, Mysterious Folk by YBsilon-Stock, and Girls Statue, by YBsilon-Stock

Shorts and Boots ::Stock 6::, by spiked-stock

Hobbit 1, by kirilee

Pagan 03, by MelieMelusine

Silver Elf 1, by Anariel-Stock

Autumn Faerie 2, by Stickfishies-StockAutumn Faerie 2, by Stickfishies-Stock, Photographer ~anglerfishies, Model: ~stickbugsDress by: Temna Fialka

Mirkwood Elf 5 and Mirkwood Elf 2, by Liancary-art

STOCK - Lady Autumn
, by MahafsounModel: Mahafsoun, Photographer: Johnny Panzo

Jodi Green Nature Goddess 14, by FantasyStock

Vine Fairy 7, by PirateLotus-Stock

Elf Mage 01, by Fuchsfee-Stock

Fairy Stock - 8, by SafariSyd

Fairy 11, by Fuchsfee-Stock

Yellow wings, by TinaLouiseUk

Yellow Wings, by TinaLouiseUk

Transparent Fairy wings, Transparent Fairy wings, by TinaLouiseUk

Salamanders, Tree Frogs, Moths and Other Resources:

frog stock1, by DemoncherryStock

Salamander 001, by MonsterBrand-stock

Red Salamander Free Stock, by SpiderMilkshake

Blue Spotted Salamander, by NimronKiTel

salamander, by LadyMigui-stock

Fireflies and Sparks STOCK, by Noxy-Voorhees

Buckles Png Stock (reposted), by Mom-EsPeace

Moth, by TinaLouiseUk

Birdby TinaLouiseUk

Quartz Crystal Stock and Quartz Ice Crystal Rock Stock, by Enchantedgal-Stock

Warm glow, Lantern and candle - updated.. Lantern handle down - updated., by chop-stock

Butterfly. Stock, by o-O-o-O-o

Couple of Pine Grosbeaks, by JocelyneR

, by Moonglowlilly

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collectionby daWIIZ

Lens Flare Packby daWIIZ


There was strange music and lights, like fireflies, ahead. It was hard to see through the early morning mist, in the forest. But, the music seemed to be coming from the caves around the next bend in the path.

 Following the music, she saw a small, female figure, who was soon joined by other small people, and creatures, with salamanders stepping out of the mist.

 Raising her hand in greeting, the small woman, a brownie or faerie, said, in a clear, lyrical voice,
“Little Human, there is no time to waste. We need to talk.”



[1] The Native peoples of North America told legends of a race of "little people" who lived in the woods near sandy hills and sometimes near rocks located along large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes.

The Native American little people have been said to reside in the Pryor Mountains of Montana and Wyoming. The Pryors are famous for their "fairy rings" and strange happenings.

Some members of the Crow tribe consider the little people to be sacred ancestors and require leaving an offering for them upon entry to the area.[9]

[2] Types of fae and magical people in mythology:

 [3] Titania is the Queen of the Fairies in William Shakespeare

[4] Vis medicatrix naturae  (literally "the healing power of nature", and also known asnatura medica) is the Latin rendering of the Greek Νόσων φύσεις ἰητροί ("Nature is the physician(s) of diseases"), a phrase attributed to Hippocrates.

[5] Nature’s Healing Effects on Your Body & Your Mind, Huffington Post, HuffPost Healthy Living, Jennifer Edwards

[6] In folklore and legends, the salamander, which is an amphibian, often has magical properties, as in medieval bestiaries not possessed by ordinary animals.

The legendary salamander is often depicted as a typical salamander in shape, with a lizard-like form, but is usually ascribed an affinity with fire, sometimes even a elemental fire, like a small dragon.

[7] The fae families and Pukwudgie are often said to live in subterranean caverns, in a hollow earth, hiding their entrances through camouflage and magic, in naturally, existing cave mouths. 


Nota Bene- The Mysterious Folk In The Forest-Contest, cautioned to,Please keep in mind, we don´t want to see... creatures with wings!”

There are a couple of flying faerie making cameos here, above the escarpment, just passing through; and, one playing the flute.

Since the Cottingley Fairies* photos (1917-1921), Pixies and winged Faeries may have been over-represented, in the media; but, they are a still an important member of the Fae family.

As Professor Tolkien has Bilbo Baggins say to the trolls, “Lots and none and all”- Lots of faeries, gnomes and goblins, but no more humans or hobbits. That might have worked for A Play on Words Contest, hosted by WakefieldDesignsBut, I already submitted A Stitch In Time.

I'm still looking for where the wild things are. Hopefully, they have somewhere healthy to live; and, haven’t been too adversely affected by fracking, etc.


The Cottingley Fairies appeared in a series of five photographs taken with Elsie Wright (1901–88) and Frances Griffiths (1907–86), two young cousins who lived in Cottingley, near Bradford in the UK, from 1917 to 1921.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used them to illustrate an article on fairies he wrote for the Christmas 1920 edition of The Strand Magazine.

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Is this a modern remake of "Darby O'Gill and the Little People'?
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:fairylove: Curious, I didn't think of that. I haven't seen it, or read the books. 

[Wikipedia says Sean Connery sings? Sort of? Gotta see that,…

It will be interesting to see the Artemis Fowl movie[s], if it ever gets finished,…
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The Disney movie was made either in the late 1950s or early 1960s before Connery plays James Bond.  And, yes, he does sing, and not too badly either.
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Singing Sounds like fun!
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It was, especially the friendly relationship between O'Gill and the king of the leprechauns!
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Great scenery :clap:
Wow! You used a lot of stock and put a great effort
in doing this piece. I bet you had a hard time crediting, my friend :)
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Thank you. :bow: Thankfully, stock artists are patient And, I think everyone was properly cited.  :faint:
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You are very welcome :hug:
I bet you fainted after you were done crediting all stock providers :giggle:
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Wonderful detail! Your effort truly shows! Thanks so much for the wonderful stock use!!! XXXOOO!!!!!
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Thank you. You often have just what's needed in your stock gallery. :D (Big Grin) 
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Cool work, very nice :)
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thank you. :) (Smile) 
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A vivid forest scene :heart: Great work!
Thank you for entering our contest and good luck!
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Thanks. It's an interesting theme, and some great entries. :) (Smile) 
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Nice work, so much to look at :heart:
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Wonderful scene! Thank you so much for including my stock :) x
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Thank you. Your stock images are always helpful.
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Nice work! Good luck!
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Thank you. Your entry, The Wondrous Chess Game, for the Mysterious Folk In The Forest - Contest, is a lot of fun. :D (Big Grin) 
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excellent scene and concept :clap:
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Thank you. :) (Smile) 
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