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Halt! Who Goes There!


Halt! Who Goes There!

This made me think of a female version of Hamlet, I’d seen; where Hamlet's Father’s Ghost confronts her on the battlements.

The Ghost was reportedly, originally played by the author, William Shakespeare.


Jane Powell was the first woman to play Hamlet, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (1796) .[1] 

Sarah Bernhardt (1880-1885) famously played Prince Hamlet.


Paul Scofield in Hamlet (1990) - Ghost Scene –

[Paul Scofield had previously played Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1948 and again in 1955. Truly, A Man for All Seasons.]


Thanks to for posting the Line Art to colour and to the Stock Artists.

Full Credits to follow shortly.



Anime Lightning Farron line art, by Art-Gem [December 12, 2013]

Version with more Feather Details:

Anime Lightning Farron line art COLORED Version, by Art-Gem [January 24, 2014]

Utilizing: texture 102, by Sirius-sdz and Texture, by SpicerColor 


[Can’t find the source for the Castle’s Curtain wall (fortification); Your patience is appreciated. Please, Stand By.]

[Found it!]

Warwick Castle Stock 42, by CoolCurry-Stock

Other Resources:

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Half Moon, by TinaLouiseUk

Texture 259, by Malleni-Stock

Flying birds 1 (Puy du fou), by Jean52

Cut-out stock PNG 28 - flying eagle, by Momotte2stocks

[My original intention was to have Ravens circling the battlements, since Fortinbras' army is on the border;
But, a Golden Eagle works well too, with the Valkyrie and others in the background.  Thanks, again, to the Stock Artists.]


Autodesk-Sketchbook Pro

PSE10- Photoshop Elements 10


Asus EP121B Eee Slate

Wacom Tablet



There are a few controversial points with the character in the play.

Since there have been, literally, oceans of ink poured on the troubled waters of the various arguments, it won’t be possible to address them all here. Nevertheless:

One popular argument is that Hamlet called a failure, contrasted with Fortinbras.

However, while Fortinbras inherits an intact state from his Father, Hamlet is tasked, by his Father’s Ghost, with restoring order and ferreting out the conspiracy that murdered him, the King.

By the end of the play, Hamlet has uncovered everyone implicated in the plot, including his Mother, his friends, school chums, and Uncle; and, they have all been brought to justice.

While Hamlet may be complicit in their deaths, he has not actually violated his moral imperative not to kill anyone himself, especially for simple revenge.

In fact, all the conspirators are “Hoist with his own petard”, caught in the snares of their own stratagems, including Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

Although, it costs him everything, Hamlet has restored order to the state.

If our politicians were as dedicated to the public, and less enthralled with their personal comforts, like pandering Polonius, who sacrifices his own children for political expediency, maybe people would have more confidence in their political institutions.


Nota Bene:

Some of these ideas came up when doing Ophelia's Renaissance, from ZillegasArt’s Line Art, Ophelia, Resurrected Princess



The Fencer | Fearless Femme

Natalie Vie currently fences on the FIE Women’s Epee World Circuit for Team USA.

 She is ranked in the top 100 in the world and the US Women’s Epee Team is ranked #4



Women Fencing (1937)

Foil Fencing Attacks : Basic En Garde in Foil Fencing (2008)

Fencing By Eve (1925)

Fencing Study in Paris, 1930's - Film 4835



-Full Movie: Hamlet (1921), Starring Asta Nielsen as Hamlet

-Fan Video Edit of Asta Nielsen as Hamlet (withEnglish Subtitles)

“A 1920 silent film adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" starring Danish silent film actress Asta Nielsen.
In this interpretation, inspired by Dr. Edward P. Vining's book The Mystery of Hamlet, Hamlet is born female and disguised as a male to preserve the lineage.
Though a radical interpretation, the New York Times said this film, "holds a secure place in class with the best."

David Hansen, Playwright,  April 24, 2010


Ophelia seems blissfully unconcerned about, or unaware, of Hamlet’s subterfuge, in the film; but, it doesn’t change her fate.


Asta Nielsen (1881 – 1972) was a Danish silent film actress who was one of the most popular leading ladies of the 1910s and one of the first international movie stars.[1]


Scene: Reign of Assassins - Drizzle & Wisdom


Listening to:

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)

Zolita - Fight Like a Girl (Official Music Video)

Fight Like a Girl - Emilie Autumn (with lyrics) Fan Video. To Me the Official Video is too graphic/ violent, "Fight Like A Girl" by Emilie Autumn - Official Music Video


It’s fascinating to see the long tradition of female actors taking on male roles, even one as iconic as the Prince of Denmark.

As many actresses have lamented, there is a dearth of strong female roles to play.

So, when “Gender Fluidity” is more widely acknowledged, though arguably this was no less present in previous eras, if less publicized, this is an obvious transition; and, one which deserves to be enthusiastically embraced;

For the 2018 Stratford Festival Season [Ontario, Canada], women are being cast in traditionally male roles, acknowledging that this sometimes gives a different take on the character, and occasionally gender is practically irrelevant to the role.

In Ghostbusters (2016) it wasn’t in the casting; but, not continuing within the already established Ghostbusters’ universe, created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis that created a continuity problem; as Bill Murray said, without this basis, the cameos made much less sense.

Doctor Who hasn’t made this mistake, with casting Jodie Whittaker as The 13th Doctor.

[Although, personally, I would rather have seen Maisie Williams take over the role of a regenerated Susan Foreman, from Carole Ann Ford, and carry on with Jenna Coleman, as Clara Oswald. Well, who knows, maybe that will happen, yet.]

Of course, the next step is to ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, or disability, has a safe and healthy place to live and work;

And, is equally and adequately compensated for their day’s efforts;

Isn’t this what they were talking about in the 18th Century, when they picked up their quills and their muzzleloaders, trimming their oil lamps or myrtle candles?

Fighting for, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, as unalienable rights, for all ; or, as in the Canadian Charter of Rights, "life, liberty, security of the person".


Take Care of Each Other.


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