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Grey's Mecha Base: M.A.U. Castle

Grey's Mecha Patrol return to Base, M.A.U. Castle.

This is a combination of all the drawings by Grey for Mecha and backgrounds,
Pendragon-Arts's A Special Christmas Present CONTEST!inspiration folder.

This is for 
A special Christmas present - Contest, hosted by  Wesley-Souza


Grey C. Dixon Designs:
Mecha, Mark I-A* and II: 
Grey's inspirational piece 4 and Grey's MAU Contest inspiration piece 1 

Mecha, Mark III** and IV: 
Grey's MAU Contest inspiration piece 1 and  Grey's DEMoNS Inspirational piece 3

Top Right: Mecha FSSB, ROAVer (Remote Operated Automated Vehicle): Grey's FSSB inspirational piece 2

Top, Far Right: Mecha DEMoNs, ROAVer: Grey's DEMoNS Inspirational piece 3

Tree and Moat, Foreground: Grey's Tree and pond inspirational piece 6

Castle, Background: Grey's magic chamber or dungeon inspirational 5


Stock Resources:
Pilot, Left, modeled on: 
Space Suit STOCK I and Space Pilot Suit STOCK III, by PhelanDavion
Pilot, Left, Model: PhelanDavion, Photographer: KaylaDavion

Pilot, Right, modeled on: Starry Amilea Airhart 1a,  by jagged-eye, (David MacKenzie, 
Pilot, Right Model: StarryMuse, (, Photographer: jagged-eye, ( 

Tool Bags: tool bag, by Susannehs

Castle: Cardiff Castle 1, by CAStock

Satellite and Radar, Geodesic "Radomes" Domes (inside curtain wall): stock1790 and stock1784, by stockicide 
and Spaceship Earth full view front, by WDWParksGal-Stock

Hanging Lamp, at portcullisCastle Lamp Stock, by Sasa-Stock
Pole Lamps, on ramparts: (Right) Lamp png stock, by mrscats and (left) Spain Sa33 Street Lamp, by Gwathiell 

*The Mark I-A has a central, chest cannon, instead of the short range rocket launcher in the Mark II.
To compensate for the added weight and recoil, from the cannon, the Mark I-A has the originally designed inverted knee-joints and piston shock-absorbers (visible on the Mark I-A unit, serving on sentry duty, on the right, at the Main Gate). 

**Mark III-B is behind the bridge, being serviced.

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thanks for the using my stock :)