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For Sale or Let


For Sale or Let: Radio City, Afterword-

And, now the final installment in this chapter-

Soon, Zee recovered enough that with Whrr, they bought a house in Watt, a borough on Signal Hill, overlooking the Radio City bay.

Their new house is close to the transit loop, which connects the surrounding buroughs to the city’s downtown core. Locals call it “The Tesla Coil”.

Their new house also has a studio for editing their travel logs and Whirr’s portrait photography.

Their travel videos and Whirr’s portraits have become the main focus of their work, since Zee left the radio station.

As well as historic sites and interesting places to stay and recharge, part of their discussions with people, often stray into regional politics and personal philosophies.

Incidentally, Zee is an Evolutionary and Universalist, believing that people on Radii evolved from organic life and that everything alive has a soul.

On the other hand, Whirr is a Materialist and Creationist. She believes people are created in the form which best fits their function, and electricity keeps people alive.

Unlike Zee, Whirr thinks that their ancestors may have had bipedal and organic creatures as pets in their homes, but doesn't think they evolved from them.

Zee thinks their planet Radii may even have once been called Earth, and populated by mammals and saurians. But, Whrr points out, the archival record is far from complete. 

It makes for some interesting discussions, as they tour around the Community Halls and Rec Centers, talking to people.


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The inhabitants of Radii don’t fight about religion, though hey may debate different points. As they say, that would be like fighting about multiple dimensions in Quantum String Theory, before any of them have even been proven to exist.

Although, it’s nice to think that they might.

Listening to:  

-Jacksoul - Lonesome Highway, from jacksoul (Official Website) (jacksoul - Wikipedia), featuring Haydain Neale

-Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python… Galaxy Song (Music Video), from Monty Python 


“Pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere...”  -Monty Python




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A very clever and well done work
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thank you Thanks for everything! 
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You did incredible work!
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Thank you. There's always so much to do moving in and out of a place. I don't think I've never gotten entirely unpacked anywhere.