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Father and Mother Claus in the Barn


Father and Mme Claus in the Barn

It’s time for Father Christmas and Mme Claus to get ready to travel to visit all those people in the world who celebrate their Christmas and Yuletide festivities in January.

They need to make sure that all the animals taken care of.
And, that the herbs in the drying shed are tied up and secured.

The faeries and pixies are helping. They carry the fairy lights and lanterns with organic beeswax candles.
And, play music on their pipes, flutes, guitars, and drums.

As they’ve often said, with the Fae, nothing gets done without a little music.

And, every time, Father and Mother shake with laughter.

“I am glad to hear it,” they chuckle.

It’s nice to see all the animals and fairy folk helping out and getting along.


This was submitted to Santa's home - contest, hosted by  Malleni-Stock

(Their cozy house can be seen just behind Father’s shoulder, past the door, under the Northern Lights, next to Wind Turbines, and Solar Panels, beside the paddock.)

Stock Resources:

Santa, Yule Father: 2015-11-23 WR Elder n Lady 04 and 2015-11-23 WR Elder n Lady 18, by skydancer-stock

Mme Claus, Yule Mother:  2015-11-23 WR Elder n Lady 042015-11-23 WR Red 20, and 2015-11-23 WR Red 08, by skydancer-stock

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Barn Owl (Upper Middle, near rafters): Barn Owl, by EdgedFeather

Snow Leopard (near Barn Owl): Snow Leopard Stock 20, by HOTNStock

Background: (Barn, Herb Drying Shed):

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Evergreen Boughs, Wreaths, and Herbs Drying:

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Background: (Through doorway):

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Solar Panels: Baby Turtle Stock, by Carlyndra,

Vertical Wind Turbines: ,VAWTs, Vertical Access Wind Turbines, Vertical Wind Turbines, and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

(Small wind turbines can be safer for wildlife, than large wind farms, while still providing sufficient power for a site's needs.)

Solar Panel and Turbine Poles: Wind Turbine, by Nakeithia 

Solar Boiler (on other side of the cabin roof):  Solar Water Heating (SWH)


With flute, middle: Forest Dance 12, by PirateLotus-Stock

With lantern, near door: Vine Fairy 5, by PirateLotus-Stock

With lantern, left: Fairy Unrestricted Stockby artmaniabychristine

With flute, left: stock 1049,by sophiaastock

Bottom left, Fall Fairy 1by Sitara-LeotaStock

Middle: Fairy - Mickiby mjranum-stock

Playing Drum, Bodhran: Medieval Music I, by Eirian-stock

Playing Guitar, near door: Minstrel - Melody, by Eirian-stock

Cicada Wings: Cicada Wings stockby chronicdoodler

Monarch Butterfly Wings: Nature's Monarch, by aglover0007

Swallowtail Butterfly Wings: Tiger Swallowtail, by KYghost

Dragonfly, Butterfly, and Moth Wings: butterfly 7 and butterfly 8, by kayne-stock

Butterfly wings: Butterfly Stock 02, Butterfly Stock 09 and Butterfly Stock 25, by Malleni-Stock


It's been fun visiting with the Yule Father and Mother, their animals, and the Fae folk, at their home, while they spread the festive spirit all around the world, during the season, and all year.



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Gorgeous :love: well done on blending the various stocks so skilfully, it really evokes the yuletide spirit