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Fall Remnants

Thank you to DestinyBlue for her Remnants Lineart.

 A Faerie's life is often a difficult one. 

There's challenges and hazards from weather, predators, habitat destruction, climate change;
and, often apparently, little regard from humans for other creatures, like the Faerie, they share the planet with.

It looks like this faerie has been in a fight for their life, maybe with a predator.
Hopefully, the wings will regenerate; and, they'll fly, again.

When they're injured, and in the Fall, after a heavy frost, some Faeries enter a chrysalis stage; 
so, they can rest, rejuvenate, and restore their magic.

It can be an arduous process, like any metamorphosis, and isn't, regretfully, always entirely successful.
There are a lot of factors, which can affect it. But, hopefully, this Faerie will emerge from the coccoon to fly again. 

I'd like to think this is the same faerie seen later in Fae Wish and Wish
(which used elements from DestinyBlue 's Wish - lineart and Remnants Lineart.)

As the old saying goes, while there's life, there's hope.


Background: (From my own gallery) 
Leaves- Fall. by Can-Cat.
(This was submitted for the Autumn, 300 Contest by Nikonfinest.)

It's awful feeling wrung out and exhausted.
It would be nice to have wings and be able to fly.

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