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Fae Wish, LineArt by DestinyBlue (Colour, Can-Cat)


Thanks to DestinyBlue for Wish - lineart,

combined with Remnants Lineart, and Anime eyes.

This is the second version. This one has a natural background.
It's an interesting question whether colouration evolved for display or camouflage.
The Fae, Brownies, and company do blend in with their natural habitat. 

Thanks to DestinyBlue.

After seeing the line art from DestinyBlue,
the characters seemed to fly off the page- literally.

And, thanks to the stock providers.


If the Fae are real, (And, they must be, since they appear in the earliest photographs, like The Cottingley Faeries, which Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths said were not all staged.)-

Then, maybe their wings are the same as butterflies and birds, or other things that fly.

It's interesting that DestinyBlue's faeries combine elements from Swallow Tail butterflies and dragonflies' wings, just like The Cottingley Faeries.


Background: Autumn Forest lightning - AStoKo FREE STOCK IMAGE, by AStoKo

Tiger Swallowtail: 
Stock - Butterfly 2, by Carol-Moore

Monarch Butterfly: Nature's Monarch , by  aglover0007

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Thanks again to DestinyBlue for Wish - lineart, and all her wonderful work.
This is the second version, using a natural background.