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Fae Office


Fae Office-

Looks like even the Fae folk are obliged to put in some time at the office, filling out forms, and such.

Not sure, the dragons should be smoking in the office, even if they are crate trained. There must be a rule about that.


This was submitted to Short Challenge #23, hosted by The-Imaginarium.

And, to Wing Punk Contest, hosted by Digital-Wings-Art, in the categories of Elfpunk and Cyberpunk.

[If a modern office isn’t a “dystopian world dominated by computer technology”, what is? (Said after wrestling with computer updates that didn’t install or messed everything up, all week. Arrgh!)]

Even in the Artemis Fowl series, Captain Holly Short and others often complain about the lack of nature, in the modern, magical/ technological world.

Ah, well. As my Grandma and Granddad often said, “It can’t be all picnics all the time. So, enjoy it, when you can."


The staff at the Fae Archives stumbled in, early Saturday morning, either on their way somewhere or just getting in from a party, before being called in to the office.

“Why did we have to come in, on a Saturday, anyway?” Wren moaned. 

“It’s just a few forms that have to be ready for filing, Monday morning,” Faye, the office manager, apologized.

Everyone groaned with relief, except for those who were already asleep at their desks.

Thanks to all the stock providers.


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Poster Caption: "Water is Strong and Yielding: Water Always Wins"

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Great! :frail: :aww: 
Especially the pixies as couriers :lol:
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This is such a cool idea! Nice job. :D
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Thank you. [It seems like goblins are always in the basement of archives, hammering on the microfiche readers, trying to get them to work.]  :magicdance: 
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Well done! You can choose a prize from me :-)
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Thank you :) (Smile) 
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Congratulation with win in CheerleaderShort Challenge #23 - WinnersCheerleader

Wonderful imagination and cool concept =D (Big Grin)

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Have a good day!
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Thanks. Those cheerleaders are super.
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So very welcome ... :)
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grazie, and to you:) (Smile) 
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1st Trophy Gold Star Sticker Icon Congratulations you are the winner of Short Challenge #23 Gold Star Sticker Icon 1st Trophy
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Yeah, that's exciting!
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Hopefully, someone brought breakfast and tea in to the office, if they were called in early.
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Creative and funny:)
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This is wonderfully fun and imaginative! It's certainly one of a kind. Love it.
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