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Don't Feed The Animals


Don’t Feed The Animals

“If we don’t see each other, again, it’s been nice knowing you,” Cam shouted, as they ran for their lives.

“Ditto!” Jamie yelled back, hanging on to her hand for dear life, as they raced, as fast as they could.

A summer internship at the Nature Reserve fostered a wild romance.


Well, like a lot of summer romances, it looks like this is going to end quickly.

No doubt, summer romances can be exhilarating; but, honestly, this seems a bit much.

A tad distracted, no doubt, they didn't notice that the lion pride was in their field.


This was inspired by the Summertime Couples Challenge begins today!, by ManipulateThis


Theme: Summer romance

Guidelines: Placing the couple, from Required Stock, in an outdoor, summer setting, at the end of their romance.

Due Date: September 3rd, 2017

Skill Level: Level 3, Intermediate, Acolyte

Thanks to all the Stock Artists and ManipulateThis for hosting this fun challenge.


Resources: [Required Stock Denoted by an * Asterisk]   

* Lions couple PNG, by makiskan *

* Fleeing Couple 4, by syccas-stock * [From a request by nimbusphoenix]

Other Birds and Animals:

Cut-out stock PNG 12 - wings of the vulture, by Momotte2stocks

Cut-out stock PNG 107 - flying vulture, by Momotte2stocks

Two Lions on a tree PNG, by chaseandlinda

Cut-out stock PNG 41 - sleeping lioness, by Momotte2stocks, Photographer: frenchfox

Cut-out stock PNG 59 - flight of ravens, by Momotte2stocks, Photographer: frenchfox

Backgrounds and Other Resources:

Serengeti, by Track-Maidens

Metal Chain Fence PNG Stock cc2 LARGE, by annamae22

Metal fence png, by TinaLouiseUk

Grass png 2 higher, by AStoKo

Png Grass, by Moonglowlilly

Grass PNG, by kuschelirmel-stock

Sky Stock Pack, by TinaLouiseUk

Vintage Paper II TEXTURE PACK, by Knald

Textures, from TheFantaSim, for Les Soeurs Pirate, for the Sibling Portrait Challenge, hosted by ManipulateThis. [:thanks:]


Autodesk-Sketchbook Pro and 7

PSE10- Photoshop Elements 10


Asus EP121B Eee Slate

Wacom Tablet


Listening to:

Grease Summer Nights [This is a pretty dark parody of 60’s Teen Movies.]

The Flash 1x12 - Barry & Caitlin sings Summer Nights

Barry and Kara sing “Super Friends”

Annette Funicello - This Time It's Love (from the 1964 teen film, Bikini Beach)

Born Free Final Song music video


Nota Bene:

Never run from a predator, it will only attract their attention.

Just calmly say, “Hello.” And, back away slowly.

I’ve  met some Big Cats in the wild. It’s not easy to stay calm;

But, seriously, think about it, there’s no way to outrun them.


Everyone deserves a place to be wild and breathe free.

Take Care of Each Other.


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Manip Stamp Animated00  By Drury Lane-dadauas by TheFantaSim

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Fantastic work! Thanks for including my stock.
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Great work! :iconmanipulatethis:  is very happy to add this to our Contest Entries. Thank you so much for your participation   

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Great job! Thank you :) x
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This and your little story put a smile on my face, Cat :D
Amazing work :clap:
Good luck with the contest :hug:
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Thanks. :thanks:
:lionoid:  The lions look like they've already been shopping for groceries.
So, fingers crossed. :crossfingers: revision 
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You're welcome, my friend :glomp:
Fingers crossed :lmao:
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