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Blue Peace


Blue = Peace

This is a version of Awash In The Storm for the DA Pride Flag, for Blue/ Peace.


Thanks DestinyBlue for allowing her Line Art Saving at Oielvert - lineart 
(January 1, 2005) and Treasure Hunter Lineart (December 17, 2009) to be coloured and tweaked.

Here is DestinyBlue’s finished version, Saving at Oeilvert (March 30, 2004, “My first submission to DA 2004… where it all began… 30 hours…” -DestinyBlue )



Line Art:

Saving at Oielvert - lineart  (January 1, 2005)
And,  Treasure Hunter Lineart(December 17, 2009), by DestinyBlue


Boston Stock 11, by Random-Acts-Stock

Rain Effects:

Rain Texture and Snow Texture, by funnybunny-stock

Water SplashesWater SplashesWater Splash 3, by Moonglowlilly

Water PNGWater Ripples-Puddles PNGSemi Transparent Water Ripple-Puddle PNG,  Large Water Ripple - Puddle Transparent PNG, by JSSanDA

Water Splashes, by Gracies-Stock

Industrial decay Stock 095Industrial decay Stock 108, by Malleni-Stock

Rain, by Sharpnel-14

Rain Storm 2, by ShutterBugs-Stock

Texture 197, by Malleni-Stock

Texture 203, by Malleni-Stock

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Sky Stock 05, by msfowle

FOG/CLOUDS PNG, by Moonglowlilly

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Rainbow Opacity 50 Stock, by AStoKo

Double Rainbow, by EveLivesey

PNG RAINBOW, by Moonglowlilly





This was inspired, in part, by DestinyBlue’s Hope for Brighter Days (January 31, 2013, “She carries her troubles in an umbrella, as she…looks back at the puddles…” -DestinyBlue)

Listening to:

Vera Lynn - (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover

Les Misérables 2012 - Ending, 'When tomorrow comes...'


 “Our darkest days have always—always—been followed by our finest hours,”

-Aaron Sorkin writes poignant letter to his daughter 


One of my doctors said she’s seen a general malaise with her patients, with all the politicking, and harsh, unbelievably crass and divisive rhetoric in the last year.

But, as she said, it’s nothing that hasn’t happened before; and, the pendulum will no doubt, swing back to a more civil society, again.

It gets tedious, sometimes, wrestling with just trying to breath, when things look so dark.

But, the skies always clear, eventually.

And, no doubt, if everyone who needs health care, clean water, and a living wage got together, tomorrow could come a lot sooner.


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Hi! I am creating a giant pride flag made out of everyone's artwork, and I was wondering if you wanted your artwork to be apart of the pride flag? The flag will not only have your artwork but also your link to your deviantart page and the title of it to thank you for participating! and you will get notified when the flag is done and you will get a link to it, I hope you participate, have a happy pride month! :D