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Astra and Stella


Astra & Stella

This was made for the August Photomanip Challenge, hosted by CRPhotomanipulation, for the theme “Playing with Fire”.

Imagine body surfing through the cosmos, on the solar winds, and gravitation tides.

Astra and Stella seem to be enjoying themselves. It looks like their slingshot off the giant planet gave them quite a ride, through the solar system.

Stock Resources:

Astra: Skydancer-Stock 7262, by skydancer-stock

Stella: Skydancer-Stock 6786, by skydancer-stock

Space Backgrounds and Planets:

Space Background 001, by CrazyDreamer1-Stock

Celestial Background 40, by FrostBo

Very Large Asteroids Pack, by Hameed

Planet stock pack - Blue Space, by Wesley-Souza

Kingdom of Heaven - Premade version, by Wesley-Souza

Asteroid megapack, by thefirstfleet

Starfield Stock, by dadrian

Green Planet, by HugleBunnys

Aquarius - Planet stock., by HugleBunnys

Planet resource 2, by dadrian

Discarded_spacestuff10, by Fune-Stock

Galaxy Background Freebie by CelticStrm-Stock, by CelticStrm-Stock

Planet - Alaerin, by Stock7000

Planet Stock, by Wesley-Souza

MQO class planet., by MacRebisz

Fire Elements:

Fire [PNG], by IvaxXx

Fire 2 [PNG], by IvaxXx

Fire png, by TinaLouiseUk

Fireflies - STOCK, by Noxy-Voorhees

misc fire element png, by dbszabo1

Flames stock pack - I, by MD-Arts

Other Resources:

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Lens Flare Pack, by daWIIZ


Maybe one day humanity will grow up to play among the stars, like [Spoilers] the star child at the end of “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Listening to/ Watching:

-2001: A Space Odyssey Ending

- Space Oddity, Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Kate Bush - The Big Sky - Official Music Video

Erratum: This was originally posted with the incorrect title, “Asta & Stella”.
“Asta” is a name from the Norse word for “tree”.  While “Astra” and "Stella" are from Latin for “star”.
(How embarrassing; unless, she was named for cosmic Great Tree?)


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Nicely done, developing our skills is always a worthy effort.
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Thanks. There's certainly a lot to learn. :nod:
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Great job! Thank you for using my stock :) x
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 thnx u :powerstar:   
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Thanks. Never having been surfing, I wasn't sure.  
Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ 
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