It's about time I post this, I will be staying here on dA and will join new sites when they do eventually open and still remain on here. I have roleplays, friends, and more here so I won't be leaving. I've been on here a long time. For Eclipse, I'm sensitive to colors and if it weren't for green theme, I would honestly not use dA much. I was worried before they finally implemented it. The green only helps a little but it is still very uncomfortable. I hope they can fix the themes and I have sent in feedback about this issue. Mix the colors with how massive the elements/boxes/areas and it's a recipe of headaches for me.

I'm making a Stylus addon to make it more comfortable for me as possible, even if I have to bend it with the knowledge of css (and boy, does the code look messy by using inspect element.) When I'm done, I will publish to the site but it will cater for my needs so hopefully it will help someone.

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It feels like they're designing it for tablets/touch screens instead of laptops/desktops to be honest /:

I hope they change the element/box sizes because the sheer size of everything is frustrating. I feel you on the headaches man @_@
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They did admit to this last year which made me go "bwah?!" since that goes against responsive. It should look great on all viewpoints.

I sure hope so since we shouldn't be fixing it with userstyles :/

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That's such a poor design choice. While people randomly browsing dA might well be tablet users most of the user base are PC/Laptop users. Hello, they're doing art. Not a lot of people have the money to spend on tablets capable of handling art programs (or the accessories to make those programs viable).

Why would you design the interface of an art site for artists around mobile viewers \:
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Yeah, a lot of people who design websites for a living even told them it was a poor choice.

They thought "oh they're using mobile too" when really, people are only logging in to check notifications, roughly stated by the same one I mentioned before.