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Home of the Pegasi

Went back to touch this up :la:

This was originally made for a project in Digital Imaging 2 back in Spring 2012 for second semester in college.  We were to create a manipulation that was surreal.  The Old Version was the original finished project, earning an A in the project. 

I decided to go back to it to touch up the colors and the pegasus to create it more dimensional (since it lost quality when sized down) as well putting in light rays from the sun to add to the surreal atmosphere.

Old version -> In The Sky Old Version


Cloud brushes





Water was created in Photoshop using filters and the warp tool.

Thanks to all stock providers, you are all so generous! Wouldn't have even started on it without you!
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Thank you :3
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Oh I didn't see your message until now D:  Thank you!
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Please remove the unicorn. I own the copyright to it. NaughtyGirlGraphics is redistributing it in violation of my copyright. If you'd like to use my work, please sign up for a membership.
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Oh no D: That's terrible! I'm so sorry that happened. I would love to sign up but I don't have a job right now so I've removed it right now and find a replacement for it later.
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oh god it is so beautiful!
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Thank you so much :D
So prettyyyyyyyyy <3
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Thank you XD <333
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that looks great :D lovely to see your work again
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Thanks! I love doing manipulations so much ^^
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You're welcome, it shows :)
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