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4 is god..... much god over here.. very much god that i cant even know any words to say so i guess i just have to finish this all by my...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww can i keep him? it is so adorable i love it so cute adorable ma...

with my cringe and other sutff

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object sounds
what if objects didn’t actually speak english?
Suitcase: eeeeEEEEEEP! eeeeEEEEEP!
Knife: Gggrrrggnngghhh….
Balloon: uuweeek! uuweeeeekk!!!
Trophy: HRRGGHH!!!!
Fan: Oooooooooo?! Ooooooooooooo!!!
Paper: Eeeeeekk!!! Eeeeeeeeeeekk!!!!
Bomb: Ssss-ssss-ssss-ssss….
Lightbulb: Zzzzzrrtt!!! Zzzzzzrrrtt!!!
Paintbrush: ggggrrAAARRGGGHH!!!!
Test Tube: Blublublublubl!
Box: …
OJ: Blurblurblurblurbgh!!!
Salt: Sst-Sst!!
Pepper: Sst-Sst!!
Soap: Blublublublublublub!!!
Apple: Chhkk!!!
Marshmallow: Myaaahh!!! MYAAAAAHHH!!!
Pickle: Rrrrrrrhh?
Tissues: Ggghhgghhh..
Cherries: Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee!!!
Taco: Oooooooo-oooooooo-oooooooo!!!
Bow: Ueeeeeeee!! Ueeeeeeeee!!!
Dough: Brgghh? Bbbrrrgghh..
:iconilovethetalkingclock:ILovetheTalkingClock 6 9



its our squad oijfdiopgjfildjlgk
WOOOOOOOOOO time to do this all over again! im treya.. not really a scientist but i pretend to be.. just to let you know my art is not based on real life.. im also a tomboy.. AND IM AUTISTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC so you might see a bit of humor in me- *screaming into a empty can of chips* so enjoy my funny stuff! i guess... and also rules: no racism, no autism hate, if you need help ask me, and i get furious when you call me fat (im sorta like baseball) (ps as you can see my place is a NO VORE ZONE. cause.. its kinda disgusting.. sorry for the people who like vore when i see it im just..... disgusted.. if you like vore.. sorry but i may unwatch you... (im sorry ok?))
(also try and follow meh on tumblr uwu)
camy: GASP i hope my senpai jo-
(icon by :iconstarnyaa:)
also i have a security camera account :iconcamythesecuritycam12:


should i remake my darken au? that one I.I and bfdi au i created a y e a r ago?
* s e c r e t l y e x c i t e d* you know whats gonna happen tomorrow :3
i cannot even get the big bang theory intro out of my head
(h o l y)
eyyyyyy its gonna be my (true) birthday tomorrow  (im sorry..)
FACT BOUT PUPPER: she thinks ghosts are not real...b o i w a s s h e w r o n g
also when i try google chrome..... it sends me to fake virus sites
were having bad winds .-. the power may go off......
finally i moved :D not from this account tho.. .-. from my house
i might remake 2 lab tf art i made.... possibly the clown and bunny girl one .-.
(x is from bfb)
so ya... i named myself x in town of salem
so here was what roles i got as his name
1. trapper (became vamp then got lynched cause the vampires were stupid and said rude things about me)
2. amne (died)
3. doc (won as doc)
in town of salem ALL MAFIA LEFT i was framer
back from a l O N G time of my hard drive crashing and never getting my account back
im using firefox now..
and my other computer.
h e l p
sadly got suspended from town of salem due to myself leaving a bunch... im sorry..


camythecamera12 has started a donation pool!
60 / 90
of course im a bit of a copycat... so uhh.... dont judge me ;w;

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Alerts by camythecamera12
Warnings by camythecamera12

so.. uh there is :iconklp2010: she likes vore and nsfw my little pony characters
they stole art from the original bfdi series.. and even from a object camp!
if they are supporting.. and probably not crediting..this may be false..
if they are not supporting.. and thinking the art is their own... we put them into deviant court.. if found guilty.. (where people decide if they should be banned or not) the mods shall ban/lynch them..
just in case... spread this alert please..
also she stole bow balloon and marshmellow from II aswell and made vore art out of them
they also like a game called databrawl on roblox.. THEY DID NOT CREDIT DUNCAN AAAAA
also censored favorites cause NSFW
F by camythecamera12

EDIT: BREAKING NEWS she now stole a character from :iconnice444:
Ya This by camythecamera12What Even by camythecamera12

Wtf Youtube by camythecamera12
so those are the crazy stuff that happened
me: four (bfb)
pupper: Test Tube (II)
magic trick: a punk...
treyaboo111: her old self
(im now also into dont starve... figiofhndfjiod)
drale: a serial killer

he did something very bad
while TGchiefmech apologized
he said he would not delete it...
in which tf chief did
i cant believe the betrayal... hes a monster!
spread this!
(you can tell me ur personality and what you like and i will put you up on this journal when its finished i will let users do the meme)
your a very random person ()
you love love love LOVE imagine dragons ()
you pretend to be a scientist when in reality your just a derp who does not like dating ()
your a object show fangirl that does not draw object show stuff and instead listens to inanimate insanity music ()
you have adhd and autism ()

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buy this old piece of crap .-.


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Hey Camy what is the king of all school supplies?
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a ruler?
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my fucking god I can't believe u got that right
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