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Night Glider

By Camyllea
Another background pony, she's not as underappreciated as Zecora (see one of my latest drawings), but I really like her, so I drew her as well.

As always, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments below! :) (Smile)

You can find the speedpaint here:
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Excellent shading and lighting! Beatiful piece!
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wow! this is beautifull, i love how it looks realistic and yet still within the Series' style!
i do find her snout/face to be a bit short looking, and perhaps you couldve drawn a simple indication to if the right wing is folded or extended, i cant see it ;u;
but the hair and fur looks flawless, the lighting is beautifull and i love the starry background < 3

just trying to leave a helpful comment here ^W^
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Your art is amazing! I left a watch! ^^
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Thank you so much! <:
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Aw... Look at that sweet face!
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this looks so good! Keep up the work. P.S. i was just wondering, did my mlp audio script note come through? Just wondering cause I'm not sure myself |F2U| Durp EndurDrogon  
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Yup, I did get the note. I probably should have responded to you someway, my bad.
And just to confirm, I'm working on what you asked, but I'm just prioritizing my other drawings over the ones you asked, as you said there's no need to rush them :)
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Awesome! I was just making sure. Please take your time, i especially don't want my audio drama to get in the way of your other artwork, thanks again! Smile 
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this looks great.
i love the way you shade. and that you draw these ´non popular´ ponies as well
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