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Retro Butter

A first attempt at designing patterns. Although very tedious work, lots of fun. Textures are a favorite of mine, so I've tried to reflect canvas, stained glass and a terra cotta mosaic in the designs. Thanks to all for your inspiration.
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Fabulous thanks😁😍🤩🤣

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lovely - thank you !
Hello!I'm interested in the design of Retro Butter.Can I use it for conducts to sale?Or can I buy your design?Please contact me.Thank you!
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What a pretty design you made Camxso ..Thanks
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very cool.  Thanks!
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So pretty :) ... thank you!
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would you mind if I incorporated some of these in the future on my 3D models and such? Credit and links would be given to you of course 
thank you, great job
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They're adorable XD 
Thank you!
Very wonderful - many thanks
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Thanks a lot! They're really great patterns! I love them.
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I'm confused... I downloaded the zip, but all it has is one file in it that I can't open? I was expecting seamless textures? Like in PNG format?
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Thanks, used here as BG:
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Thank u so much ^^
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thanks To your Resources !! 
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I couldn't get these to work in GIMP. Any help?
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Downloaded and faved.
Please ,use this comment as a kind of "forever-credit",because it would be very possible to forget credit you when I use your stock since I am so "crazy"...
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