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Tyrannosaurus rex

Name: "tyrant lizard king"
Length: 12 m
Height: 5 m
Weight: 6-9 tons
Diet: carnivore
Time: Cretaceous (68-65 MYA)
Location: North America

The famous species Tyrannosaurus rex (‘rex’ meaning ‘king’ in Latin), commonly abbreviated to T. rex, is a fixture in popular culture around the world. It lived throughout what is now western North America, with a much wider range than other tyrannosaurids. Fossils of T. rex are found in a variety of rock formations dating to the last three million years of the Cretaceous Period, approximately 68 to 65 million years ago; it was among the last non-avian dinosaurs to exist prior to the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event.
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I love it but i was expecting more rage from the people who claims the rex looks like a big turkey ( wich makes me laugh )…
Tyraka628's avatar
A bit small, wouldn't ya say?
Yu-Gi-Nos's avatar
Nice T.rex, coloration remindes me of the Walking With Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus colors. :)
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Nice drawing overall! The only issues I have are in the description mainly:

Length: there isnt any evidence of them being 13 meters long, the longest estimate was 12.8 and even that is a little high. The most commonly accepted at the moment is 12 meters.
Height: at which point? Hips or head?
Weight: the most up to date estimates give it 6-9 tons, not 4-6. Your's one is more closer to Tarbosaurus, which was significantly lighter than Tyrannosaurus.

Other than that, it's all good! :) 
mikebrownsound's avatar
Thought mor 008 or Celeste probably or for that matter UCM137538 ( last one was only a toe bone)   Mr Jack Horner claims he got celeste wich should be bigger than Sue but he is yet to provide any data?   
ak1508's avatar
There's too little to say about these specimens sizes. And to be honest, unless someone else decides to really investigate them in more detail (especially Celeste), then we may not hear anythign about them for a while. Horner is no longer working at MOR, and I think he isnt in the field no more. Last I heard at least.
CamusAltamirano's avatar
Thanks for the data!
ak1508's avatar
No problem mate! ;)
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Ich bin der Meinung das der wie ein Kaiserpinguin aufstehen konnte,wen der gestürzt wäre.Aufgrund seines massiven Schädels,und seiner starken Nackenmuskeln.
Ps,hast du den Abstand des Knorpels mitgerechnet (13 m)
Hisagi-Taicho's avatar
primal carnage xD
HellraptorStudios's avatar
wow, nice. really good version of the king :)
ChojinRyu750's avatar
Hail to the king baby :D
herofan135's avatar
This is awesome! Love your choice of colour and how you gave it "life" by giving it such an amazing head and cool eye!
abekowalski's avatar
Beautiful, abdolutely beautiful animal!
DinoKing22's avatar
very beautiful, well done
BlackSpider-Man's avatar
:iconjurassicparkplz:'s crowned dinosaur
ThePredatorMan's avatar
Wow nice! loving the colouration :D
CamusAltamirano's avatar
Just pencilcolor, aerograph and digital painting for the eyes :)
ThePredatorMan's avatar
Wow... Very nice...Could use some of that myself.. Haha
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