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Troodon formosus

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Name: »wounding tooth«

Length: 2 m

Height: 1 m

Weight: 60 kg

Diet: carnivore

Time: Cretaceous (75-65 MYA)

Location: North America

Troodon (or Tro-odon in older sources) is a genus of relatively small, bird-like dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period (75-65 mya). Discovered in 1855, it was among the first dinosaurs found in North America.

Its name (pronounced “TROE-odon”) is Greek for “wounding tooth”, referring to the dinosaur’s teeth, which bore prominent serrations. These “wounding” serrations, however, have similarities to those of herbivorous reptiles, and suggest an omnivorous diet.
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Wow, really detailed and mostly accurate!
You gave it appropriate feathering (though the primary feathers attach to the second finger)

One question: as a 2m long dinosaur, how would it be 60 kg? for a 2m Troodon it's more like 15 kg.
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Ever since paleontologists speculate that troodons probably had feathers, all pictures I've seen of them have gotten more and more feathery.  Yours is the most feathery I've seen so far (my avatar was made back when they thought troodons were bald lol).  I like it.  I need to get a new avatar made with more feathers one of these days.  Troodons are definitely one of the more "birdy" dinosaurs.

A lot have suggested that the troodon's teeth may be indicative of an omnivore rather than a carnivore.  It would be well suited to both.
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is that from Jurassic Park the game?
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No, but it's my reaction from playing Jurassic Park: The Game.
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Love the gleering eye here! :thumbsup:
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One of my fave theropods :) Good job.
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