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Euoplocephalus tutus



Name: "well armored head"

Length: 6 m

Height: 2.5 m

Weight: 2.2 tons

Diet: herbivore

Time: Cretaceous (76 MYA)

Location: North America

Euoplocephalus (pronounced yu-OP-lo-SEF-ah-lus) meaning ‘well-armored head’ (Greek eu- meaning ‘well’, hoplo- meaning ‘armed’ and kephale- meaning ‘head’) was one of the largest genera of ankylosaurian dinosaurs, at about the size of a small elephant. It is also the ankylosaurian with the best fossil record, so its extensive spiked armor, low-slung body, and great club-like tail are well documented. Genera that are thought to be the same as Euoplocephalus include Scolosaurus, Anodontosaurus, and Dyoplosaurus.
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Have a minotaurosaurus