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WalkingCity Reference - Termina
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The Walking City OCT

Golden God-Killer, Termina

Name: Termina Aurum
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs.


Termina is an assassin, surrounded by an air of mystery and cold detachment. He hunts bounties for organizations and seeks out people looking to take out individuals with political influence. Termina's success rate is nearly 100%, because once he has a bounty or a hit on a particular person, he doesn't hesitate to take out not only the individual, but any and all people related to them, and any witness as well. He is difficult to find and track, as he is an international criminal and the enemy of all and any establishments, and he charges a hefty penny for his services. However, those who employ him are never disappointed. Termina is also known for his no-nonsense, sometimes brutal methods which he dispatches his bounties.

His nickname the "Golden God-Killer" originates from an instance where he aided a rebel faction of a northern country kill the tyrannical Prime Minister, whose authority matched that of a deity. While giving a public speech in front of many rich merchants in his palace, six red blades flashed down from the ceiling, impaling the minister from ever angle. The room was silent as a hooded, golden-haired boy jumped down from the banisters and pulled out the blades.

The attendees were silent. A brave, large salesman shouted out, "What have you--?!" His exclamation was cut short as a blade ran through his neck, and blood blossomed on his frilly attire.

What followed was a scene of destruction, as every corrupt merchant who attended the gathering began to fall and blades entered their bodies, ending their twisted lives. Unholy ran thick in the halls, and the wire blades decimated their helpless opposition. A single man escaped; he was in hysterics, muttering about this golden-haired monster to all of the passerby, who had not yet heard of the palace massacre. He fled the city. News of the carnage spread like wildfire, and Termina's actions descended into legend as the same man was found run-through by a sword the next day.

His golden hair is a distinctive family trait which sets him apart from other people and is very easy to recognize. He is very proud of his family heritage, being the only remaining member of it, and does not try to change his hair in anyway to make it less conspicuous. However, when attempting to take someones life, he put his hood up or put a cloak on in order to make himself stick out less.


Termina is not a bad person, but he is very serious and unsympathetic to other people and their plights. He has no place for other people's problems or woes, and though he may not mind helping you, he prefers to be paid first. His blunt, arrogant, and less-than-empathetic way of speaking to people makes working with him agonizing. However, Termina does not in any way enjoy or condone suffering and torture; seeing people being abused will make him very angry (angrier than usual), and will spur him to action. Pertaining to this, Termina has a very strict honor code, regarding who he fights and who he doesn't. When he kills people, it is only as a means to end, that end normally being money. Termina doesn't engage people unprovoked, and unless he has been paid to kill a person, he won't do it. He does not take unnecessary lives. Curiously enough, he also has a soft spot towards children. When young child bears witness to Termina's activities, he spares them.

Most of the time, all Termina is really capable of making his face do is scowl. "I'm not scowling," he says, but he really just can't make any other face. Even when something makes him happy or laugh, the most he does is smirk (a little menacingly too). When he gets embarassed, sad, angry, or upset in anyway he just scowls even more.


Wire Swords: Termina's only weapons are 6 blades made of an iridescent red steel which conduct magic energy. At the end of each blade's hilt, a thin, metallic wire is connected, and extends for a very long distance (also being magic and all). Termina can freely control these blades through the wire, though he rarely uses more than 3 at a time blades at a time, as it requires intense concentration. Anymore than that and Termina cannot remain mobile while using the blades. The blades themselves are very, very thin and light, though they are durable, and cannot be broken easily.

Fire Magic: By arranging the swords close to him in a circular pattern (think Penny from RWBY) then Termina can focus energy in the form of burning projectiles. The more swords he uses to focus the energy, the more powerful the blast, though the same rules as far as number of blades applies to this of course.

Agility: Though he is by no means superhuman, Termina is quick on his feet and has good reflexes, making him good at dodging and moving around in tight situations.


- Human Weaknesses: He's a thin-framed human being, albeit a bit more agile
- Low Stamina: Termina has never had a drawn out fight, and he is not equipped for one either. He does not posses the means to sustain his suspension-wire magic for a particularly long time, and does not have the stature or vitality to be particularly physically powerful otherwise.
- Weapon Reliant: Not being a particularly imposing person, Termina is very reliant on his weapons. Therefore, without his swords, he is very susceptible to a quick defeat. His weapons themselves aren't particularly foolproof either. The wire can be cut with enough force from a sharp object, and the swords themselves are thin and not powerful. It's very difficult to cleanly sever a limb with it and is a better stabbing weapon. However, Termina's swords have a very low fatality rate if they don't stab a critical point in the opponents body.


I need some practice drawing comics, and this looks fun. Since I won't have time to animate anymore, I thought I'd do this whoop whoop
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I wanna animate this guy
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Awesome, you're in both RHG and Walking City too? That's awesome!

I like Termina. He seems like quite the fighter.
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Dis shitz looks fucking amazin.
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Very in-depth description, I like it :D Good character.
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thanks a lot homedawwggg
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DAYUM. This is great. Upload animation.
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oh my gahd cammy butt isn't in #Space like a little shit monkey.

Love the art.
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Looks good so far, a few edits are needed here and there but over all its a very nice ref ^n,w,n^

Also i would say not to click the link Syckofit sent, he seems kinda shady ^e,w,e^
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Don't worry I wasn't gonna lol, and thanks a lot dude
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