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rose and tribal

By campfens
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tribal and rose tattoo
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Amazing work my friend!
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thnx brother it was fun to practice the coloring with the curved magnums,i really really want to find a job in a shop or start my own very soon.
do think i lack the skills to start my own shop right away,maby i can work in a shop around here for a year orso ,to improve my skills a bit.
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I think you have the skills to start your own are way better than some people ive seen with their own shops.

its just when you have your own shop with no help than you gotta do it all....I dont like doing lettering or tribal stuff but I have to to pay the bills haha.
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thnx man Gr8 comlpiment,ill try to start rebuilding the garage as soon as i finish classes,its the last week i took the 2 week course set me back 3 g's but it was for the experiense and im still having fun
really want to tattoo all damn day :D
im gonna rebuild the garage myself with the help of friends they all want me to start the studio real soon and the r very supportive(wich i am really glad with)
and indeed we all need to pay the bills bro and there is no better and more fun way than by paying them with money from slinging the ink..

do u have a lady at home bro ,mine keeps begging me for ink.(is it the same at your place?)

have a good one
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No lady at the moment, but when I did, yes all the time...she got tatted up pretty good....and she still asks LOL!