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Silence falls
Death arises
Deaf ears listen
Blind eyes watch
You've heard all of this before…
I'm Alone
-And sit in constant fear
Shaking uncontrollably
Tunnels of evil lead quiet killers to commit sin on my behalf
I am not myself
Weary of accusation my wits are poised to snap back in to my previous existence
I have transformed into a being in which I am not proud
Degrading slurs fly from my mouth
Actions unknown to most haunt my every thought
This is not a sequel to the past
But a prequel to the future
The future bleeds pictures of imaginary figures
Encased in a rainbow of light they dance for all to see
Looking elsewhere
Droplets of generations to come
They fail to conquer corruption
Ignorance is not bliss in this world of innocence
Understandings are pre-understood
No questions to be asked
For we all know the answer
Tales of flowing fantasies stretch to the heavens
Stories of nightmares and unearthly creatures reap on the gates to hell
A life in which I am not proud to fulfill creep
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upon my shoulders
Under my burden
I do not approve
The weight of love lies on my shoulders
…I would rather support the world.
There she is…
Burning with innocence
See pictures formed in smoke
-Incense inhaled, Enhancing creativity
Escape is my vision
Trapped in this desolate prison
A small room
- No windows to see the future
No way out of this life
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Changing lives
While dreaming of this last time together
They sit on the playground
Swinging into a new sense of happiness.
Only a hair apart…
Relishing the moment seems to be most fitting.
Finally escaping from the ally way of life
A leap brings the light of a new day
The beginning of a new life
Great heart ache and oppression left to the lowly…
Great achievement awarded to the persistent.
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Turquoise waves crashing at my ankles
Sandy pebbles between my toes
This is the way life is supposed to be
Under the love of the warm sun I immerse myself in this summer time moment
A perfect picnic set for two
Shared with you on a blanket on the sandy beach
The day is fading
The sun setting beneath the horizon
The end feels OK today
I spent my day with you
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Steal the air
It's disappearing
-And what are you going to do about it?
It could be the last time
Feel yourself becoming nothing
Your head light
Your vision blurry
You'll never forget this
Take in all you can
There is nothing left to breathe
No one left to leave
If we could just take a step backwards
My lungs are empty
My skin cold
I am left blue and lifeless
Well…you're next
Start screaming early
Throw a fit
Cry to your friends
They are already gone
You know it's coming
-And there is nothing you can do
It's like your face is engulfed in a plastic shopping bag
So breathe your last breath
Into a paper bag so you won't pass out
You wouldn't want to miss all of the fun!
The worthless creature at your side uses YOUR air
Less time to live
Less time to fuck up
More time away
See the light at the end of the tunnel
Float away into death
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Signs reflecting the past
Memories dictating the future
The world is a blur
Between glances you envision joy
Trapped between the lines of evil emotions
Truth raps on the door of my music
Speaking red
Emotions unknown until shown forth through song
Pain that denies a wound
That is the pain I feel
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See through my lies
See through my lies
Dodge my corner eyed stare
Slap my insecurities
Make friends with my glare
Walk through my walls
Destroy my space
Steal my next breath
Get out of my face
This day will not end
The sun is still bright
My eyes are deep red,
High long into the night
My bed sheets attack me
The pillows explode
My window has fangs
While my ceiling is a road
False hope is alive
My love is deceased
The high is over
My worry released
Trapdoors are open
I'm falling too fast
Death is below
My life was surpassed
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Her eyes…
Deep and dark
Dazed yet in control.
Her scent…
Like April showers
Before a Paris background.
Eiffel tower above
Avenues of love below
This is the city where dreams come true
And where truth becomes a dream.
In my arms I hold her for hours
Feel her body grow limp and heavy
Feel my lips touch hers
Only my heart reaching out to hers
Only a goodnight kiss...
My sleeping beauty
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Never to grasp
Never to hold
Never to flee again
The sky cries for me
Puts tears on my face
The saddest I've ever been
Drifting through the darkness
Gliding through the light
Hover near my window
And watch me every night
Dance in glowing moonlight
Sit right by the sea
Take me in to your dream world
Go but don't leave me
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Moonlight shines through the vertical blinds
Dancing upon my floor
Eyes stray from the beauty
-And follow sin into the shadows
Awake all night
Led into evil
Awake into late mourning
A single star hides in the early sunshine…
Open the bedroom window
Welcome the smell of the day
Release corruption
Fly away in one scent-less breeze
Like fresh cut grass in the yard of a sulfur plant
What is the point?
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Love is in the air
Her hand in mine
Her head on my shoulder
Love is in the air
Eskimo kisses
A big bear hug
Love is in the air
I feel butterflies in my stomach
I taste her heartbeat on my lips
Love is in the air
Butterfly kisses
Sweet pecks on her cheek
Love is in the air
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Little children at card tables
Set up at the corner in their front yard
Their life…
In a foam cup
Just three quarters more
Maybe a dime for a tip
Chocolate chip cookies
Oozing with extra chocolate
Homemade brownies
Ready to be loved
Cherry popsicles on a steamy day
Apple pie
With homegrown apples
Flowers are in the trees
But dandelions are for mothers
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For a special friend
I run my fingers through her hair
Down her cheeks and to her hands
Our fingers slowly interlock
This union makes us one
Her smile can tame the lions
Here eyes show my life light
Her hug can cure a cheerless day
She's the only girl in sight
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Out of tune with the world
I thought I was in 'sync with you…
Read my lips
Look deep into my eyes
The answer lies within
This is beyond anything you have ever known
You question my righteousness
-But accept normality
A skewed perception of reality
I am watching
Forever judging your faults
Throw it all away
Up into the wind
A final day
A final meal
Mexican pizza from the elementary school cafeterium.
What is this all for?
My full belly will soon matter not
Leave it hanging from a rope
The hospitality center in the park…
My temporary resting place
The false hope you promised left me empty
Filled with sadness
Full of death
Our days of gushing happiness are over
Moments of unquestioned love…
My blood, stained on the rope is the final reminder of my life
I wasted my time with you
-And you stole it all
Be proud…
Your influence meant the world
And the world
You fill it in…
This is a puzzle for your mind
Why did I do it?
What did I do?
Who did this to me?
The answer
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Forget this
Forget  t h i s
All to come…
Is waiting to be forgotten
Meaningless words
Thoughtless actions
They used to be special
No more
Love lost in distress
I know there can be no one else
Look into my eyes
Inches from my face
Hear these words:
I love you
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Fly Away
I wish I could fly away
…they clutch the world in a way
A mode
in which no soul can place value
Clenched around that tightrope
Balanced upon…
Thinking not of …
…the ground below
Fly away!
The world is your own
Everything may wander
She may soar on the wrong side of the sky
…through the valley
…beneath the brook
Straying from her mirror image
The tightrope remains base
Free of trouble
Shying away from tribulation
My dream
My momentary vacation from the planned destination
My life
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