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Hey Watchers ~~(>'.')> My names Cameron.

Feel free to use any of the transparent images you see on my page -- no need to ask, just don't claim them as your own and please tag me in what you use them for, I like viewing what my transparents help others create. I don't have Photoshop, I use a website called "clippingmagic" to cut out images (or parts I need) and I use the website "ribbet" to edit my images (colour, resize etc), putting parts of images together for my customs is done using those sites and connecting them together in Microsoft Powerpoint, so my skills are quite limited.

I NO LONGER TAKE CUSTOM REQUESTS - I will cutout images if they are a decent quality and size for others... I don't do cartoon, comic cutouts, only live-action movies or series cutouts and live-action looking figures/statues/even video games that I can quickly edit with a real person (if needed). Examples (of live-action looking figures/statues): Hot Toys -- Prime 1 Studio Statues -- Toys Era -- Mezco Toys -- Sideshow Collectibles etc. Examples (of live-action looking video games for quick edit): Jurassic World Evolution -- Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order -- PS4 Spider-Man/Miles etc. Things that will get you blocked from my DA page include; - Insulting what I post (if you can do better or cast characters better, than do it yourself). - Using my cutouts in fetish or overly sexual images one might make. Have a great day and enjoy the images on my page.

Favourite Movies
DC, Marvel, Jurassic Park/World, Harry Potter, Power Rangers (2017), John Wick, Disney, DreamWorks, L.O.T.R, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Underworld, Godzilla/Kong...
Favourite TV Shows
DC, Marvel, Power Rangers, Lucifer, Supernatural, Grimm, Brooklyn 9-9, Camp Cretacious, Cobra Kai, Naruto, Code Geass, Bleach, One Piece, S.W Clone Wars, S.W Rebels,
Favourite Books
DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Naruto Manga, Bleach Manga, One Piece Manga.
Favourite Games
PS4 Lego games, PS4 Spider-Man/Miles Morales, Jurassic Evolution, Star Wars Squadron, any DC and Marvel games, any Naruto games, Mortal Kombat,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 4.

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Hello bro are you there and if so I was wonderin could you do my request for a png groupshot since I figured I would ask:

The Guardians Of The Globe


(Winged Hellbat (Redrunner's Batman) and Batgirl (TheOmegas2's Batman) and Darkwing Duck (DuckTales 2017) and Spider-Man (Dfrab's Spider-Man) and Crimson Chin (CyberEman2099's Fairy Odd Parents) and Sonic The Hedgehog (Zigwolf's Sonic The Hedgehog) and Mario (Zigwolf's Super Mario Bros) and Green Lantern (John Stewart) (DCAU) and Mermaidpants (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Bayonetta (Bayonetta) and Young Zuko (Avatar) and Slash (BozzerKazooers's TMNT)

Harias un render, o transparente o PNG de Diamondback (Rachel Leighton) por favor, claro si es que quieres jejejeje 😐😐😊

Can you accepted your pictures To my group?

I have accepted all the ones you've requested.