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Butterfly Effect

A free-form poem inspired by Life is Strange. (It's meant to be read as if each wing were a page, not straight across.)
Version of it with a light colored background in case the transparency makes it hard to read:…

You can get T-shirts and other merchandise of this on my RedBubble page!…

*EDIT* Wow! 50 comments and over 900 faves?! Thanks so much everyone! Love 
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This is so cool!!

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I don't know but I couldn't make literature when pressing submit

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This is amazing! I love butterflies and that is what attracted me to this. It has so much meaning in such a few words! Amazing!
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Thanks so much! <3
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Thanks thanks thanks! Wink/Razz 
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Your welcome one of the only forms of poetry I haven't attempted! 
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I haven't done it very much either, honestly.
But it is fun, you should try it sometime!
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This is beautiful! A lot of power in such a small amount of text! Love it!
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Thank you so much! :3
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Looks good! Because of the transparent background it doesn't display so well on the phon app, though. The phone app has a dark grey background, which makes it very difficult to read the black text.
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I never even thought about the background making it hard to read, but thanks for letting me know. I have a version of it with a white background somewhere, I'll probably post that in scraps or something and link to it.
This reminds me about the movie w00t! 
Yeah, this one passed the goose-bumps test.
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I love this, thank you for making this.
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