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My most recent piece of personal art! I just wanted to paint something soothing with pretty colors x)
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Sometimes I feel as though my daydreaming is my default state of mind XD. Love the color choice. Makes me think of cotton candy and happy childhood memories. Interesting that the "power button" is where the third eye could be. Like daydreaming could be more than people think. The way the dots are in the clouds makes me think those are the thoughts or daydreams in the mind of this individual. Sort of like the "..." you see in comic books when people don't respond but are obviously thinking of something. Great piece :).

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I used to daydream a lot as a kid! Now I only manage to sometimes, but it's really nice when I do. That's kinda what I wanted to show here, that calm state of mind when your brain is turned off and on at the same time, taking you to a dream world. So your analysis is quite accurate, as usual! You're really good at guessing the meaning behind my art c; Thanks for always being so supportive! :heart:

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Hmm, maybe I just haven't grown out of that aspect from my childhood. Ah, thank you :). It's easy since your art clearly conveys what you intent to illustrate. You are most welcome and I will continue to do so :).