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Old Paper Texture

Here is the texture I used for Nymph, well not really, a combination of this one and another 3, but this one is the best of them

And btw, I am a sweet person and did not add my signature to the texture like some would have, hail sweet considerate Lisa :flirty: (I am joking for those who don't know me, worship is more my word:P )
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Ahhh, thank youu

thank you so much. Greetings from Buenos Aires. :clap:

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perfect - thank you

Can I use this for a public work without getting any copyright strike? 
Like Huatnee, I also would like to use this for a commercial project. Would you mind? 
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Thank you very much!!
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Thanks this texture is perfect, cool 
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Thank you This texture is amazing!!!
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Thank you for this texture, I'm going to try to use it as a background for the 'guidebook' pages on my roleplay forum. The texture is lovely, so really, thank you so much!
it looks soooo cooooool!!
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Would you mind if I used this in a commercial project? I found it via this website:… Which suggests it is free to use, but I thought I should check first! Thanks!
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Used your texture in my drawing Most Wanted :) very good texture ^^
Using it for a game. Thanks for the texture!
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My savior! This paper is perfect for a poster project I need for my design course, thank you so much!
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I'll be using this texture for a final project for my design class. I'll post the finished product at the end.
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I used your awesome texture here:iconkawaiipandaplz:
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Here is my android app.…
It is a Notebook, which let you write note and save.
I will use this art as it background
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I will use it for my project.
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Lovely! Thanks!
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Thank you so much for this!!
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