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é um desenho meu se eu tivesse uma namorada

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um dia encontrar uma garota que goste de mim pelo que eu sou,ah e que seja descedente dos japoneses,é pecado os meus filhos terem cabelo liso?

Orange Ranger in PR or Never?

Orange Ranger in PR or Never?

Conspiracy theory. I think that many fans who were anxious waiting for an Orange Ranger have calmed down a little when they heard a certain rumor that says that Dino Fury will return to the old format of being a single season of only one year, without being divided for two seasons of two years. It may be that between the years 2022 to 2024 they adapt a series with an Orange Ranger. But what if they skip series with that color and go straight to Lupinranger vs Patranger, Kiramager and get a any future Sentai Series without an Orange member? Actually it's a little unlikely, but remembering that Power Rangers has many stories and dimensions. The first happens in almost all seasons, except RPM and Dino Charge, which have their own alternative dimensions. But SPD that was released in 2005 actually shows their history in the future, in the year 2025. And it has the character Boom, a technical assistant who was refused to be a Ranger, but he always dreamed that in his dreams, he was a Orange

My Power Rangers Universe

My Power Rangers Universe

My Teams 1. Mighty Morphin Power RangersJason Lee Scott/ Mighty Morphin Red Ranger I (Leader)Zack Taylor/ Mighty Morphin Black Ranger I (Second in Command)Billy Cranston/ Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Trini Kwan/ Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger IKimberly Ann Hart/ Mighty Morphin Pink RangerTommy Oliver/ Mighty Morphin Green Ranger (Sixth Ranger) and Mighty Morphin White Ranger (New Leader)Rocky De  Santos/ Mighty Morphin Red Ranger II (Second in Command)Adam Park/ Mighty Morphin Black Ranger IIAisha Campbell/ Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger INinjor (Ally)2. Power Rangers Zeo Tommy Oliver/ Zeo Red Ranger (Leader)Rocky DeSantos/ Zeo Blue Ranger (Secon

5 stages of grief.R.I.P. Kyuranger's hope to be PR

5 stages of grief.R.I.P. Kyuranger's hope to be PR

Stage 01: Denial. Ah, it's just a rumor. Of course, they won't skip Kyuranger, because it is high time that we already had an Orange Ranger and a female Green Ranger, everything that could have happened more often. So it's good. Ryusoulger can wait a little bit. Stage 02: Anger. WHAT? IS THAT DAMNED RUMOR REALLY TRUE ?! WHAT THE FUCK?! HASBRO THINKS THAT WE ARE WHAT, THAT WE DON'T NEED AN ORANGE RANGER THAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED AGO TIME ?! FUCK YOU, HASBRO, AND FUCK YOU NICKELODEON, THAT CAME WITH THAT BUSINESS OF DOING TWO SEASONS OF TWO YEARS, INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING THE FUCKING OF THE ORIGINAL TEMPLATE TO ADAPT FOR ONE YEAR, AND NOT FUCKING

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Good News. Dino Fury has actors and also a first Female Green Ranger in next season just like Kyuranger and Kiramager and in Sentai Counterpart a Male in Japan follow like Mighty Morphin, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and Wild Force.

Milly as Green Dino Fury Ranger
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Shimajiro and Pals in Hero Day 1

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I made Yuri as Orange Dino Fury Ranger and you like her

Yuri as Orange Dino Fury Ranger
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