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So sorry for the late upload :)
I've just watched a video saying that if you're an artist/videographer on the internet and you're taking care of your own website,
CONSISTENCY of uploads is key.Not consistency of content,but how often you upload content.
I'm trying to do that right now.
I'll start with one upload a week,what do you think?

Last week,I had the unfortunate experience of data loss on the iPhone.
Thank God I've transferred some 41 photos,but the rest,the remaining 600 or so,is gone.
Hehe,that's what you get from procrastinating regular back-ups!I've learned it the hard way! :D
I really loved the photos that were lost,most of them were random art made on holidays and bored times.
Pictures of my brother carrying vintage books.
Really loved them :)
And I also had my 365 project on it too.But I just started so it only had about 8 entries so that's bearable.
A photo of my first MRI brain scan is lost too! :O

From the holidays,there was this picture of a yellow beetle car,pink roses in the morning,red parrot on the ground in the morning,all of which I wanted to print at A4 and frame them and put it in my room as a triptych.But now it is gone :'(

Grr,silly tia!

And just when I thought it couldn't get worse,I recalled that I actually emailed myself my idea notes on hotmail about 2 months back (which is very recent),and then last night I checked my email and discovered that they were GONE.
A friend then told me that hotmail regularly deletes the stuff from your own inbox,especially self-sent ones.

That was some 250+ photograph ideas with full light,color,composition,crop,editing,and "mood" explanation tied to each one.

Is there a way that hotmail can help me recover these?I mean,they were sent a few months ago,not 1 year or 2 years ago.Maybe they still have them on their "recycling bin" servers or something.If you could shed some light on this I would really appreciate it :)

Very sad eh? :)
So now I've decided to have all of my notes in analogue form,paper and pen.Again.I used to do this then stopped when I discovered how easy digital was,but now I've discovered how risky it is as well.Even when stored on the internet.Physical things are alot more reliable.I still have my old notes back when I was starting out photography because they've been written on paper.

I've learned (or is it learnt?) my lesson now.
DO NOT procrastinate back up.
DO NOT trust email servers to keep your data.
DO write notes on pen and paper and archive them.
DO keep your iPhone in a water-proof clear-colored ziplock bag when going to the beach to capture a sunset moment and sea shells on the ground.Without the ziplock,you will risk SALT water damage which is a hundred times more destructive than freshwater damage.I've read a lot of freshwater damage stories where the iPhone survived after a few weeks of being left in a desiccant pool (of silica gel or dry uncooked rice,anything that removes moisture).But saltwater survival stories are little to none.

So now I HIGHLY recommend all who are reading this to back up their data,especially iPhone data,which most normally take for granted.The notes,photos,everything.
And back-up the photos using iPhoto,NOT iTunes,it's a mess to extract files from iTunes backup.
If it's in iPhoto they will be kept as clean and drag-and-droppable JPG files.
And for the notes,email yourself them,then IMMEDIATELY copy them from your email and onto a document on your computer.
Keep them on your computer,then back up your computer.
If you've got some REALLY precious ideas/notes,WRITE THEM DOWN ON PAPER.

Oh and the iPhone "recovery mode" problem can happen AT ANY TIME,even at the most random time when you're not even doing a firmware update.
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