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Tia would love to do portraiture, pictures that document the simple beauty of life, but she takes too long to compose her shots and her models get quite bored and uninspired by her photographing them. So she turns to things that wouldn't mind the wait. A few call these creatures "inanimate" objects. But Tia knows this isn't the case. For in them she has found the most animated characters and profound stories. Things with a life and character that exists best in a photograph. Sometimes, Tia's friends like to tell their own stories. So she lets them. The best ones happen when Tia only serves to function as a documentary photographer, documenting whatever that coalesces between the objects. For the two years that her and her models have been acquainted, they have showed the world of quite a number of different situations and issues. Most of these individuals are city dwellers, since Tia lives in the city. She would like to meet the ones from the forests and lakes one day, and document their lives too. Tia is still quite curious to see if there are more. And like all people, she would like to meet new friends too, from everywhere on land and underwater. Tia doubts she can go to space because she doesn't think she has enough money to do so. She probably has to make do with some glow-in-the-dark paint, sand, practical science and strings.

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Hey, uh hello. I'm french and today I saw your art on t-shirts at the supermarket:
I just wanted to warn you... Hopefully your DA was on it...
Amazing ideas and amazing pictures! You do tell beautiful stories with each shot, I am amazed! :heart:
Oh you have so brilliant work, it's really magical. And inspiring. Thank you for sharing it! :nod: Have the best day!
Thank YOU so much for your encouraging words! Little Pixel Heart 
Have an awesomely artistic and fantastic day to you too! Flower for you 
I am going to put some of these photos on my art project, I am looking into still life and everything was SOOOO boring, and then I saw your works and it is amazing and fabulous. You are doing an amazing job. I was wondering... have you got a biography of yourself.. because I am studying the artist as well so I would need some history about you as well. Congratulations! :D
Dear Shasha!

Thank you so much for your interest in making my work a part of your art project as well as for your enthusiastic support! To be 'studied' as an artist, what a rare and unusual honor. Thank you so much for the opportunity. :D
Hmm, I must speak in defence of any and all Still Life and Conceptual artists here; they have inspired me and taught me so much!

Hm, I hope your school project has not yet been submitted/ has not passed the deadline?
Forgive my late reply; I was very busy with school and education matters in the last three weeks.

As for the biographical information,
there is a magazine article you can read with some biographical bits inside and a bit about the thought process behind the pictures. Maybe that will be valuable to the study?

Here is a link to the article:…

If the link doesn't work, let me know.
I can email you the .html file.
Is there an email address I can directly contact you with?
That would ensure more prompt responses.

For more inquiries, you can contact me directly at ,
preferably via Google Hangout or Gmail's Chat function.
I am more than happy to answer your questions and help you if you'd like more information (biographical, philosophical, my own pseudo-art-theoretical musings, anythin' at all) for your project. This is really such an honor! :heart:

All the best with your art project, Shasha!

Best Regards,

Don't hesitate to contact me via the email! :D

Hello, your amazing art has been featured in one of my Journal entries. Feel free to check it out.…

I hope you´ll have a great day!