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Gonna start doing chibi dressup games again, like back ...

  |  89 votes
  • Adorable animal costumes! :3
  • Some other Japanese fashion! (comment with which one)
  • Manga-specific! (comment with the manga you'd like to see- not too obscure please!)
  • Rockstar chibis! (with working instruments and everything!)
  • Regular Chibi Maker 2.0.. enhanced w/ better clothes and more coding experience! (:
  • Parisian swank :D
  • Ironic hipster fashion! D:
  • Something else entirely!! (comment with suggestion)

If I started doing commissions, would you pay.. (whiche...

  |  30 votes
  • nothing, I'm broke! ;(
  • nothing, I'm rich but have 0 appreciation of art >:D
  • $20 for a small drawing like this?
  • $10 for the same?
  • $5 for the same?
  • $10 for a chibi?
  • $5 for a chibi?
  • $100 for a drawing like this or this?
  • $50 for the same?
  • ooh a 10th option!!