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Hammer It In! (original song)

By camillemai
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And the video (in which a bass turns into me!) is heeeere

I'd super appreciate any comments & feedback.. this is my first actual music video (directed by Fred (aka catnipblossom) & edited by us both) :D
It was filmed with HDR techniques.. there's only a handful of HDR music videos in the world so far! It's a technique that doesn't forgive.. as you can see from every goosebump and individual hair.


das lyrics:

I'm a greedy child; I won't be satisfied with sound alone
but I've felt a spark; a dangerous energy I only felt once before
and I feel it in my body―hammers on the tendons
230 strings and they're all hurting
and the drummer's hands are all we need to hammer it in

hammer it, hammer it in! (x6)

guided meditation
learn through repetition on the Persian rug
the voice is soothing from its bed of synth strings
like a being of light and love

so hammer it in!
"I have got no place in this"
hammer it, hammer it in! (x4)

"you are beautiful and you are all your own and you are free"
"you are beautiful and I ain't got an ounce of jealousy"
i'll hammer that in, hammer it hammer it in!
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Wow I really enjoyed that. Your voice is very nice and the song, while at the beginning caught me off guard with the odd string pattern- and only odd, not unpleasant- quickly drew me in. It was addicting and I have to say, if that went onto itunes I would certainly buy it!
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Thanks! Loved to hear that (: And if I put it on itunes I'll let you know!
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That would be wonderful <3
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interesting video, i liked it and you really do have a good voice.. it just sounded a little odd this time around, but idk, maybe that's just my mind playing tricks on me XD
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Thanks! Odd in what way? Curious to know (:
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idk, i just thought the lyrics sounded a bit odd, not that there's anything wrong with that mind you...

anyways i do look forward to hearing more, if you plan to keep posting them =D
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Ah ok. Yeah I can see how they would (:

I definitely think I will :D Although I'm sad that chibis from when I was 16 get so much more faves :(
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aww, well maybe some of those people just haven't heard your song's yet.
it'll be alright, just give it some more time.
(honestly i am guilty of that too, i only fav'd it on youtube and not on here)
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Thanks (:
I think people just really like chibis :P
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i liked the beat of the song, it has wonderful lyrics to go with it.... and might i add, you look darling as a bass. :)
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Aw thanks so much :D
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This is just so amazing! And it is your first music video! I'm no music specialist to give you incredibly useful feedback, but as a spectator I say this is just so perfect *A*
Your voice is magical, fair young lady. Well I could say you may be climbing the steps to success C: Got yourself a fan at least, I can't wait to hear more from you! The idea of you becoming the bass was very lovely as well :heart:
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Reading that made me so happy :heart: Maybe my memory is wrong but I remember getting comments from you from way way back.. I'm really thankful (:
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Ah I'm glad it did! And it's not wrong, I remember finding out about you waaay back through your little vocaloid chibi maker, then seeing all your wonderful art. I haven't been very active on deviantart lately, but I've been here for some time now C: Your stuff is still as wondrous as it was when I found it!
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Aw! Well thanks! Yeah haha I'm not that active either anymore. I see your art's progressed a lot since back than (:
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aw thank you so much! I'm glad it did haha
I don't post here so often anymore tho, mostly on tumblr now
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I was on tumblr for a bit but then I got bored haha. Whats your tumblr?
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the same as my deviantart!
I have a tumblr to put art only though:
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I'll get active on tumblr again (:
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