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July 22, 2009
Gas Planet tutorial Fr_Eng by =Lord--K A nice and simple tutorial for the creation of gas planets. The tutorial is available in English and French.
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Gas Planet tutorial Fr_Eng

Hi everybody !

I'm glad to present to you this tutorial.


Create Gas planet in Photoshop, the difference with most other gas planet tutorial is that you can chose the point of view you want, not only a front view of gas planet.

The tut is available in 2 language, their are 2 PDF, 1 for english, 1 for french.

enough talk, I let you judge for yourself.

I hope you like it.




Salut tout le monde !

Je suis heureux de vous présenter ce tutoriel.


Comment créer une planète gazeuse avec Photoshop.
la différence avec la plupart des autres tuto sur les planète gazeuse est que vous pouvez choisir le point de vue que vous désirez, pas seulement la seul vue de face que l'on peut voir d'habitude.

Le tuto est disponible en Anglais et en Français, vous trouverez 1 PDF pour chaque langues dans le fichier.

Assez parlé, je vous laisse juger par vous-même.

J'espère que vous allez aimer.

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The download doesn't work.
Pachumaster's avatar
the download does not seem to work. shame, I was looking forward to making a gas giant.
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This is a very awesome tutorial and a very effective technique!
thanks alot!
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Used here:… Thank you so much!  This is an excellent tutorial.
MuerteRigurosa's avatar
Amazing!, I want to try it :) , but I have a problem :(

I don't understand the step 2, there's a tool to streatch the picture, or how can I do it?
Sorry for my silly question, and thanks for the tutorial! :D
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Thanks for tutorial, used it here [link]
Obelgator's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial!
Linstock's avatar
Thnaks for making this. It looks wonderful.
Kim-Bryan-Art's avatar
Thanks for making this tutorial!
arisuhige's avatar
:O wanna do it! :DD
bjornjessen's avatar
Love the "comic" feel to the planet - much like planets from the Clone Wars animated series.. Awesome work..
tcwoua's avatar
hi, can i ask where is the strectching? or how is it made ? thank you :)
Ninja-Jamal's avatar
Thank you for making this Tutorial
help me alot on making the planet on [link]
Thank you!
Smacdaddy's avatar
Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto!
Nebquerna's avatar
Merci, merci beaucoup pour ça !
Denece-the-sylcoe's avatar
I can't figure out how to downlaod it. <:(
Starath's avatar
Thank you for creating this tutorial. I used it to make this piece: [link]

Hopefully I'll be making lots more in the future! :D
Merci beaucoup, spécialement pour le tuto en français :). T' as l' air pas mal callé en la matière. Dis moi, puis-je te poser des questions si j' en ai afin de progresser en space art ?

Merci, Ishiru
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dude, this is the easiest and most awesome planet tutorial i've ever seen.
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thanks a lot man :)
Etsoree's avatar
Used! ~

It was a little difficult being my first space art, and some of the tools I couldn't find, but I'll get the hang of it eventually ^^
Camille-Besneville's avatar
The first is always a bit difficult, but keep working ;)
Etsoree's avatar
Will do ^^

I have a question though: how do you get an atmosphere look on the outside edges of the planet? I couldn't figure that out.
Camille-Besneville's avatar
Hum try to add the same color than your background with a little opacity on your planet !
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