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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 12, 2013, 9:17 AM
Please note: Because of the recent recommendations to disable Javascript in web browsers, and due to the fact that Flash isn't supported by iPads and iPhones, I've removed the previous magnifying feature from my website.
Downside; you will no longer be able to see enlargements of my artwork by hovering over the images. Upside; you can now see the paintings on my website using your Apple device.

I will try to find an alternative feature (in HTML5) to view my paintings up close. Meanwhile, thank you for your understanding.

Off on holiday

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 27, 2012, 6:40 PM
I'm off to South America for three weeks now, on holiday. Wish me luck. :)
I'll reply any comments when I get back home.

Take care <3

Deviation Size

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 10:24 AM
Hi everyone!

I need your opinion.

I asked my watchers some time ago, in what size you would prefer me to upload my paintings. The majority thought it better with a smaller sized image without any watermarks, as opposed to a larger size with one or two semi-transparent watermarks across.
Lately though, I've received quite a few requests to upload my paintings in a larger size, and thought I'd ask you guys again what you prefer. This time I'll upload an image of the two versions side by side (below), for easy comparison. The larger size, incidentally, is the version I publish on my website, so it would save me some extra work if I uploaded the same one to deviantART as well.

I know you aren't keen on watermarks though (who is?), so I'll leave the decision up to you.  
Smaller image, without watermark? Or larger image, with watermark? :)

I'm posting a poll about the subject on my profile, and would be very grateful for your vote. The result of the poll, and your feedback, is decisive for how I will upload my paintings in the future, and also whether or not I will update my current dA gallery to the size of your choice.
(If you'd like to see more examples of size vs. watermarks, visit my website and check out the paintings there.)

Thanks so much for your time!

Have a lovely weekend. ♥


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2011, 9:26 AM
Hej! :wave:
There's been a bit of a hiatus in my productivity lately (to put it mildly). I've been away on holiday, and I am now in the middle of moving to a new apartment. I'm not dead anyhow, should anyone be wondering.. (: I'll soon have enough time and inspiration to start posting stuff on here again. I hope. I have several plans and ideas for future paintings already.

I just thought I'd let you know. (:

Have a lovely week, and (albeit a bit early); Happy Holidays! :snowflake:

♥ /Cami

Lack of Inspiration

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 4:40 AM
I'm sort of at a loss for inspiration at the moment, and have no idea what to paint next... Any suggestions?

I might end up not painting anything at all, but if I find a suggestion motivating enough.. well, one never knows. ;)

I sometimes upload paintings to my Facebook page btw, which I don't upload here on dA. Not all that often, but it happens. Should anyone be interested, I suggest you "like" my page there to keep up with the latest updates. ^^
I really appreciate your support, as always!

Have a lovely day

Kiriban closing in (updated)

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 16, 2011, 10:10 AM
Hi everyone,

We have a winner of the Kiriban contest! :w00t: The 25.000th pageview was caught by ~littlehorsesoul - congratulations! :hug:
I'll post your Giclée print first thing on Monday. ;)

A big thank you to everyone who tried to catch it, I really appreciate your interest in my art. Better luck next time. ^^

Oh, and I'd also like to push a fellow artist's brilliant work by recommending you to follow his Facebook page - it's fairly new so he could use a couple of followers to support his wonderful works of art.

Thank you, and have a lovely weekend! ♥

Just changing journal..

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 8, 2010, 5:25 AM
Kiriban / pageview contest is still on at 25k. The one taking a screen of the 25.000th pageview will get a Fine Art Giclée print of The Predator (below). Good luck!

Watermark vs. size

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 30, 2010, 9:32 AM
:bulletred: A little update: :bulletred:

I'm sorry for changing my mind like this - I was sure I'd take the result of the poll as conclusive - but the written feedback I've received thus far has provided useful arguments that I need to take into consideration.
Since the result of the poll wasn't as unanimous as I was hoping for, I feel that I'd disappoint a lot of people by adding watermarks across the paintings, thus ruining the overall impression of them. I've therefore reached a compromise; to continue posting the smaller versions without a watermark here as I've done in the past, and let those wanting to see the details up close visit my website, via the direct link I've provided in the artist's comment for each deviation. I will also upload close-ups here on dA of a few chosen details, for those finding it easier not having to leave the site through the rather annoying are-you-really-sure-you-want-to-leave-dA? page.
I hope this solution will make everyone happy. ^^

Thank you very much for your feedback and votes. ♥ If anything it's made me realize that I'll always have to compromise a bit to make things work in the end.

One last thing... I'll still update all deviations in my gallery over the upcoming weeks, to newly scanned versions of my paintings which are truer to the originals in terms of colour and contrast. Just to let you know. ;)



Hello everyone,

Some of you might have noticed that I've added watermarks to my last two deviations here on dA. This is mainly because I've been asked to upload larger images of my paintings, and need to protect them somehow. I thought that a small line of text or two would be more discreet than dA's own huge monstrosity of a watermark, but I'm still not sure about this... I could really use your opinion.
I'll send out a poll shortly, asking what you'd prefer; a larger image with a watermark, or a smaller sized one like those I've posted in the past, without a watermark.
The result of this poll will be conclusive, so please take a second to vote.
If it turns out that you'd prefer the larger version with a watermark, I'll most likely update my previous deviations to a larger size as well. (Re-scanned, btw.)

Thank you very much!


Kiriban / pageview contest is still on at 25k. The one taking a screen of the 25.000th pageview will get a Fine Art print of The Predator (below). Good luck! ;)



Journal Entry: Thu Jul 15, 2010, 7:24 AM
Hello my friends!

I'm sorry for my inactivity on dA lately; slow replies on comments and so forth. I might not be able to thank everyone in person for favourites; it's a bit hard to keep up with everything when I'm not online here on a daily basis. I'm guessing that those of you who have been following me for a while though, know how grateful I am anyhow (or so I hope). :tighthug:

It doesn't hurt to mention again however, in particular to my new watchers; thank you so very much for any favourites and comments, and for your support in general – it means a lot to me. ♥

A few have asked me if I'll throw another Kiriban/pageview contest, and I suppose it wouldn't hurt.. :) 25k sounds nice to me, so let's go for that. It'll probably be sometime around 2012, haha.
Well, either way, the one taking a screen of the 25.000th pageview will get a Fine Art print of The Predator (below). Good luck! ;)

Have a great day!
¡Que tengas un día genial! ~ Ha en bra dag! ~ Bonne journée! ~ Buona giornata! ~ Schönen Tag! ~ Um bom dia para ti!

Just changing journal..

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 23, 2010, 9:09 AM

Just changing journal from the 10k kiriban one..
Don't mind me. :aww:

Have a great day!


10k Kiriban - caught!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 1:08 PM
Couldn't resist, with this llama frenzy on DA lately and all.. :lol:

I never thought I would do this.. But it happens that I have a Giclée (Fine Art) print of the Dolphins painting lying about here, and it might as well get a new home. Since my pageviews are closing in on 10k.. well - why not, eh? ;)

The first person to take a screen capture of the 10.000th pageview and send it to me in an email (or upload the screen capture to their scraps folder and link me to it in a note), will win that glorious prize (ehrm..) consisting of a fine art print of this painting:

Dolphins by CamillaMalcus

If no one captures the 10k, I'll send the print to the one closest to that number.
The print measures 35*27 cm and would normally sell for €60.

:bulletred: Update: [1/4-10] ...and the 10.000th pageview has been caught! Yay! The winner is… *drumrolls*

~Ossamu :iconossamu: - Congratulations! :w00t:

I'll be posting your art print soon!

And well.. I did receive a screen capture of the 9.999th pageview by ~ByMeBeHappy.
Even though it wasn't the 10k, it's still a pretty neat number, wouldn't you say? It must be the nice weather; I'm feeling generous today. :D You'll be receiving a print too. ;) Congrats!

To all the rest of you who tried to catch the kiriban; thank you so much for showing interest! :cuddle: I never would have thought.. I wish I could send you all a print. :heart:
Better luck next time!

Thanks to all my dear watchers too, your support means a lot to me. :aww:

Website issues..

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 28, 2010, 4:59 AM
Website issues...

Those of you who have been trying to visit my website recently, might have noticed a problem with the menus. The web host I'm using has upgraded its PHP, and apparently I need to reprogram the code to make it compatible with this new version, in order for everything to work smoothly again. I'll deal with it as soon as I can.. when I'm rested enough to think. :yawn:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

:bulletred: EDIT: Back to normal! :phew: I hope they won't upgrade their system again anytime soon...

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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2010, 9:03 AM
I've been meaning to make a new feature for ages, but it's really hard to decide on one. I won't procrastinate any longer though, but it'll only be a super mini one for now. Make sure to check out the galleries of these three amazing artists!

Take care! :heart:

Beagle puppy by morvandelle
Seascape by EinarAasen
The Glow by ArtByKassie

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Happy Holidays

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2009, 11:42 AM
Happy Holidays

Just wishing you all a

:snowflake: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :snowflake:

Take care!


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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 25, 2009, 9:07 PM
Now when I've got this journal skin deal more or less figured out, I can finally do my first feature. :aww:

This time I'd like to call attention to three amazing artists and friends of mine here on dA.
For those of you who haven’t already discovered their outstanding works of art - go check out their galleries, you won’t be disappointed!
I'll let their creations speak for themselves; a picture says more than a thousand words after all. ;)


Jaws of Death by Crynyd Langdale Snow by Crynyd
Siberian Hunter by Crynyd   Aquatic Space 1 by Crynyd
Majestic King - Detail by Crynyd


Flamenco by Piombo Edy Lamarr by Piombo
Tiger by Piombo Jiuta by Piombo


The Gentle Flow by ohtwoakey :thumb128260399:
The Saxophone by ohtwoakey Blossomed by ohtwoakey

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Hi everyone!

If anyone here uses Facebook and happens to appreciate my work, I have a page there that I would love for you to become a "fan" of!
I've set out to get 100 fans (let's dream, shall we :lol: ), because if I ever reach that number, I get to change the long default URL (which is just impossible to remember) into a much nicer one.

So, I'd very much appreciate your support!

Thanks a million! :tighthug:

Here it is:…
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...for your kind comments!

I have only been a member here for about an hour, and I feel very welcome already.
What a great place. :)

I look forward to exploring it further..