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Tools of the Trade



My little contribution to "Tools of the Trade"

1. 0,7 mm mechanical pencil (usually 2B) + eraser
for the initial sketch

2. ruler
3. masking tape
for stretching the paper and masking the edges, creating a clean border round the painting once removed

4. water containers
I always use two - one for clean water and one for rinsing the brush. I change water frequently

5. porcelain plate
for mixing paint, easy to clean in the dishwasher

6. kitchen roll paper
has many uses.. to lift paint, remove superfluous water, dabbing the brushes

7. art masking fluid
for saving out those vital highlights

8. scalpel
I rarely use this, but at times it can be helpful if accidentally having washed over those vital highlights with paint...

9. silicone brush/shaper
for applying the masking fluid - easy to clean and always remains in pristine shape

10. artists’ watercolours
I always use pans and this particular palette of 12 colours. I rarely use all twelve for the same painting though

11 & 12. Kolinsky sable brushes
of the best possible quality - a good brush is essential. These have a nice spring, holds water well and always shape to a fine point. I only use these two for all my work; a #7 and #1 round

I also use 425 grams NOT (cold pressed) watercolour paper with medium grain, and a heavy board to which I stretch and attach the paper.


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The silicone brush idea for the masking fluid is the best I've seen in a while... I'll have to give it a try.
I'm used to working with acrylics and oils and know I'm trying to do the crossover to watercolors... but J'm having such a hard time getting used to working from light to dark... my mind is just wired in reverse! :giggle: :D