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This is one of my new paintings from my Spilled Milk exhibition this past summer, "Fukurou", which is Japanese for Owl :) Usually the eyes are one of the strongest features for my figures, but for this painting I wanted them to be covered, as though the owl would be seeing for her. It's 11x14" oil on wood panel.
I have prints on my estore now!…
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This is on the cover of your book I just bought! Squeeeee!!!
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SAME! -highfive-
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absolutely stunning!
do you offer digital prints for sale?? high res versions? I want to use this as a custom Nintendo 3DS XL skin but the res isnt high enough~!
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I bought this and The Beekeeper at the Phoenix Comic-con on Friday! I love your work!
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Well, My dad bought it for my birthday. He bought two so he could hide it lol
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My country's emblem ! Quebec ! =D (I'm from Montréal)
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i love the hidden eyes..
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this is very beautiful :)
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I've been watching your work over the years and it's so interesting to see how you've progressed! I love your evolution of style and I've always loved your work. Lovely.
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Amazing! I love everything about this painting! What size/type of brush do you use for the really fine hair and spots on the butterflies? And do you recommend wood over canvas? It seems it would be a lot smoother surface.
I can never get my lines to be that thin and flow that well though I use acrylics rather than oil (expense wise as a student) and am still developing my style. Still have trouble with "blobs".
Still amazing work! Can't wait to see more :D
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Hey! Try liner brushes! I have a variety of those that I use for my hair :) And use round brushes for spots. Wood is an amazing surface, if you need it smoother it can be sanded and its just brilliant to paint on!
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Ah thank you! I haven't heard of liner brushes, mostly been relying on very small spotters and rounds so I'll go check those out. Any sort of primer needed for wood and any type(s) you would recommend?
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Great composition. This has very nice balance!
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Gorgeous!!! And amazing owl! It have so much personality... ^^"
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Ooooo, i love owls<3
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So bright and glorious!!!!
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Anything with owls is a favourite lol
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