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Naga Dance

By camilkuo
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Okay, I had a hard time to search this phrase "Naaga" which means snake. I don't know what those red finger tips mean and the relationship between snake and India. I just drew whatever I like.
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This is so beautiful on so many levels ;-)

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Quite interesting but I don't usually like snakes ...  great job though matey..
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Wow this artwork is Horror! Featured on my YouTube channel:…
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Wow - Incredible light & shadow . . . ! :) (Smile) 
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The red finger tips are probably henna as it is used traditionally. Bedouin tribes and rural areas of Asia, the Middle East and Africa have this style of henna application. It is an ancient beauty ritual. Ancient Egyptians used henna too, and if you go see the mummies, you will see their henna stained fingernails and wigs. It's amazing. Gorgeous artwork!
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Much life in it, great pose. Beautiful work!:D
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Wow, my art teacher has a poster of this up in his room... amazing to run across it here.
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Dear Friend camilkuo
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wow, this is really amazing! I love the perspective and the palette, the style is amazinf too! And i love snakes, i just. . i love this
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Woman and serpent are one.
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Great work!

Naga in Polish means Naked, Nude
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I love it! And the henna on the fingertips was, as :iconmaitri-harys: put it, very typical of dancers, but also common on serving girls. :)
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this is my current desktop background..i got it off of the ImagineFX website. amazing.
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absolutely stunning painting !
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very nicley done !
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a very nice picture, definitely.... Infact, she looks like an Indian Medusa.... Though, I'm not really sure this particular, acid-green coated snake is common in India.. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd just elaborate about the red fingertips -
It is considered an enhancing feature to highlight the fingers of a traditional dancer ; be it any classical indian dance form (there are many - kathak, bharathanatyam, odissi, kathakali, kutchipuddi, mohiniyaatum, etc.). What we dancer do is apply this reddish stain to the tips of our fingers, over our nails and everything, down to the half of the second division in the length of our fingers.

There are two stains used for this. One is called "alta", a deep crimson paint-like stain, very similar to the stains we use in biology labs to stain plant cell specimens (onion peel). It wears off after one or two days, and practically stains anything we touch before it dries of. (Quite cumbersome; I hate using it for performances, but in case of time shortages, nothing is more effective - unless you have a red marker pen in hand.)

The other, much more traditional stain we use is "Henna". It is used mostly worldwide for conditioning one's hair, but, we Indians initially used it to stain the tips of our fingers and toes... this one's more like a temporary tattoo, and stays on for many many days depending upon the amount of pigment that is absorbed by the skin from the plant extract. Yeah, it is derived from a plant, whose leaves are crushed and mixed with tea extract (even coffee in some cases). A few drops of Eucalyptus oil is also added for smell... and then, the mixture/ paste is applied on fingers (like a cast) and after it has completely dried, it is removed without using much water... and there, you've gotten the red fingers! Rather than calling this "henna", we call it "mehendi" in our national language, Hindi, and "marudhaani" in my native tongue, Tamil...

India is famous for its snake population... Pythons, King Cobras, boa constrictors (like in your picture) all live and thrive in our evergreen forests! In Mythology, Naagas are a seperate set of sentient species, and most of the Hindu gods have some or the other connection with snakes.... (E.G. - Lord Vishnu sleeps on a thousand headed snake... Lord Shiva wears snakes on his arms, head and around his neck.... Lord Muruga's peacock stands upon a snake..... two planetary gods - Raagu and Ketu are part snakes, etc.)

Beyond that, I don't think there's much connection...!!!

Sorry, did I bore you with all this?? This is a really good picture that symbolizes the very taste of Mystic India... I just couldn't help saying all this.... India's treasure of mythology and legends is very, very large.... and beautiful :).... We are a country where everything single thing has got its own meaning!!
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This is really helpful and interesting to know! Makes me wanna do a second work base on the red finger again=).
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I love this! it is gorgeous
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