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Dragon Warrior 4

Copyright for Hotu-pub Cultural Publishing Co.
This is the same thing from golden dragon (finally a male!!).
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Do you mind if I make use of your picture for a D&D character of mine? He will be a Bravura Warlord in Dungeons and Dragons: 4E. I have no intention of any sort of business dealings with it, but figured that it would be polite to ask.
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This guy can kick anybody's ass in a matter of seconds. Great job!
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Bruce lee says otherwise
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in there tongue he is dovakin dragon born FUS RO DAH!!!!!!
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That is amazing! Whooo! This is fantasy RPG win.
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whoah looks really badass! I like te fadeout affect for the second half of his body, it gives a really cool affect.

I was wondering if you would allow me to use this image in the trading card game I am working on; I will give full credit to you if you allow me to use the picture. I will not use this image unless you give permission of course. If you have any questions just email me or instant message me though live messenger at
Thanks for your time!
Amazing. He looks pretty damn awesome. Mind if I use him for a roleplay on Gaia?
He's very emo for a warrior, but i guess that's the dragon in him showing through.
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I love this picture and have made my own version of it. You can see it here: [link]
Quick corner-of-the-eye glance at the thumbnail and I knew this would be beautiful
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very nice details and all. the skin is beautiful! wonderful drawing, nice work! :)
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Reminds me of a Character for Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits. Great work though!
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Your Draw is very nice, what you use for drawing?

(Excuse me for ma english, but I'm a french)
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Hello my friend,

I send this message just to tell that I featured your work in my journal: [link] ! :D

Congratulations for the wonderful work!!! :clap:
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exellent!!! absolutely perfect!!! but my first think was to an half demon (he looks like the illustrations findable in the bible or something like this, i like it so much!) anyway if you can do a remake of this gorgeous draw tuned without the lizard skin (or convert it into a coath mail ;)) i will be very glad of this "cristmas gift" ^_^'
thanks anyway and sorry for the bad english.
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cooool and lovely!! :D i like the guy :D
Cool pic!! Love the hilt of the sword, so cool!
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He's awesome!
Breathtaking. And by the way, he's gorgeous.
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