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Cerebrus by camilkuo Cerebrus by camilkuo
Here is a story character from a friend, Daniel.
Cerebrus possesses a person every so many hundered years. Cerebrus is the guardian of the gates of hell.Which is Earth. Demons and Angels both try to take control of the gates of hell. Cerebrus is supposed to keep the angels and demons who also possess people, and return them to where they belong which is what the keys are for, the gates of hell.

All free hand painted from scratch. I'm not sure does it fit as all free hand painted because I reproduced the texture on the stone wall base on the floor that I already painted. Same with the tree, I painted the bottom part and then just use stamp tool regenerate some more texture on the upper part of the tree. I only did half of the gate door, another half was just copy and past. A lot of people say that I know photoshop very well because I use those function. Yeah, but the bottom line is you have to be able to paint good texture first. I refered myself as the model of this girl in the image.

Close up [link]
desktop [link]
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Fosterpython Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool :D I saw this one in a book about modern fantasy painting. It's one of my favs!
Kough-Drop-Kid Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009
zilah13 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008
love it!!
artmunki Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2008
I really like a lot about this piece. The pallete just draws you right into the mood so well, and with the excellent compostion and incredible rendering as well, the finished work is very stong. Great piece!
Chiaki-Komatsu Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2008
Yay! I like Cerberus. I saw this picture in an art book my sister gave me.
kohaku-dono Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007
I get more of a zombie or vampire feel. Then again, I HAVE seen Resident Evil and Silent Hill recently.
Atomic-Hermit Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful moody colours.
K-Burger Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2007
a girl
twisted as she maybe
miguelopazo Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:eyepopping: :eyepopping: :eyepopping: :eyepopping: :eyepopping: :eyepopping: :eyepopping: :eyepopping: Awesome !!!!!
VendettaPom Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
Okay, I'm confused. I get the whole possessing a person every hundred years, but is it the possessed's job to return those being possessed by demons to their world? And what exactly do they do? Anyway, I love the picture. The girl's wicked looking.
DunkelKunoichi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2007
:clap::clap::clap: well done...
Kiridashi Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2007
Beautiful shading... I like how the eyes glow. But I think the gate seems to lean back a bit. For me, at least.
CaptainBloody Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
I like this one, the details, the lighting and the gate is awsome.
lc0n0cIast Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2006
You forgot to give her a yo-yo :p

But besides that this is awesome :( whish i could paint like you...

though the top of your tree looks a little smudgey and undetailed... makes it look like its turning into smoke.. which isnt bad.. i dont know what your aim was with the branches but, ah what would i know ^_^ great work :heart:
Darth-Chaltab Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006
WHat can I say? Awesome work.
ladynelenyan Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006
Amazing details! Love the contrast of colours and the gate ^^
Kifaiskool Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2006
Makes me think of Cerberus from greek mythology O.o
Except he's a three headed dog type thing with a snake for a tail.
But he only stops souls from coming out of the gates of hell.
styrofoamvixen Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2006
beautiful textures. The gates and the tree that fades into smoke are just ... *le sigh*
Robino Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Great work, amazing background and colors, scary too!
AngELofREbellion Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2006
beautiful peice...
love the darkness contrasted with her dress, and the detail on the gate is great!
Tchivai Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2006
It's a truly magnificent piece, especially the gate which, if I could afford such and it wouldn't look -moronic- on my little house, I would have comissioned. My only quarrel is a stylistic one, the top of the tree doesn't match the rest of the image I don't think, looking more like sometihng out of an ancient japanese inked scroll or suchlike, where the rest of the work has meticulous detailing. It's a completely different esthetic, though both are beautiful alone.
Utmost-Fear Featured By Owner May 9, 2006
Oh..I like your pose...
JoBeeOne Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2006  Professional Artist
This is excellent - really like the way you have painted the cuts on her face and the tears in the dress to look like they were made by the same creature. Also the wierd light in the eyes works at many different sizes. Background - awesome. :)
Arliel Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, she looks so realistic! I love the mood in .... everything! And you must be a really good painter... :D
Archercaptain Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006
Incredible painting. The lighting and textures (which are so well done) are depicted so convincingly that the pic looks like a photomanip--especially the girl, the way you portrayed her form is so realistic, and really really nice job on her upraised hand, and the slight shadows on it from the tree branches. On the close-up, that eery glow in her eyes looks fantastic too...and of course, the bg is no less flows perfectly into the foreground, as in, it doesn't look like a separate bg sort of added in or anything. Niiice job!
Elandria Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006  Professional General Artist
Sublime, I'm so in awe :faint: Just to fantastic to waste with silly ooohhhss and aaahhhhss :)
Camikaze Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006
DSil Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2006  Student General Artist
Woah... creepy as hell. Everything about this piece is amazing, but I especially love the position of her hand and the intricate designs on the gate.
miss-vyv Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2006
Amazing work.
Hettar7 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
i love the tree here. it's so gnarled and twisted in some parts and very thin and ethereal in others. everything it should be. my favorite part of the image is her shadow though. it's shaped just enough like her to be familiar, but has so many additions and distortions to be quite frightening. really gives her an immortal and powerful feel. i like how her eyes are two different colors. like one's for demons and one's for angels. the feet look like a photo they're so realistic. i have to say that the texture on the gate looks too pixelated and rough in the close up, but really pulls together and feels just right in the smaller version here. the blood at the base of the gate cofuses me, as i can't see a source for it. so it looks like the gate itself is bleeding. which given the description doesn't seem too far fetched, but... anyway, really great image.
icetears Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
love the shadow...
buckwolf Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
Wow, both the art and the story are uber awesome. It's nice to hear and see something original every once in a while.
Sereda Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
Absolutely beautiful work. I am so impressed by that outstretched hand, it must have been hard to draw, yet it looks completely natural.
vos Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
I love the delicacy of the hem of her dress.
enii Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
Amazing details! Egads I love this piece.
mutedwhisper Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
For a second I almost thought that girl was produced in Maya o-0

It's very, very realistic, beautiful job on it.
Bellevue-DarkKnight Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006
excellent work. I like the pose of the character and I like the environment
RobertLaszloKiss Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006  Student Artist
Just whoa! It's so mystikal. Great.
Steelpengu Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Blaquesmith Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Good work, but i think that the upper side of the hand, specially near the wrist, is too bulky :/

BTW, the guardian of the gates of hell was Cerberus, is the mispelling correct? :?
Heliodus Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006  Student Filmographer
very entrancing. I really like the hand - very impressive positioning.
AXE187GRIDER Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006
This is such devine beauty...Magnificent!
hika-hika Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006
Awesome, great lighting, great pose and the foot and the hand look very real =D. Nicely created textures as well. :+fav:
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